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The Manticore (Deptford Trilogy) [Robertson Davies, Michael Dirda] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hailed by the Washington Post Book. The Manticore [Robertson Davies] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. Hailed by the Washington Post Book World as ‘a modern classic,’ Robertson Davies’s acclaimed Deptford Trilogy is a glittering, fantastical, cunningly contrived .

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These sinister notes in the middle of the realism are linked with the “lions in the way” warning which Dr. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She also reassures David, “I am robertsson going to do anything to you.

They are the Shadow, the Anima since David is a man, his soul is feminineand the Magus; the figure of the Great Mother, which is the fourth of the major archetypes, is absent.

Jan 09, Katerina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Somewhat heavy sledding, perhaps, for those uninterested in the inner workings of the mind, and especially in psychoanalysis, but a classic nevertheless, rich with symbolism and deeply nuanced. All further references to the novel will be to this edition.

Why is Magnus able to satisfy those hungers? As a child, the librarians chose mantkcore books I remember how exciting it was when I was deemed old enough to receive a list of books and actually choose for myself what they would send.

If The Manticore has one flaw, it’s that it’s not Fifth Business. It is often a pleasure of serial works to be able to see the same characters and situations detailed in another work from a different perspective and that pleasure is on full display here. Refresh and try again.

THE MANTICORE by Robertson Davies | Kirkus Reviews

The expedition is planned in such a way that David is at the disadvantage of not knowing even where they are going, let alone why. Although for the purposes of the analysis David’s Shadow may have been dealt with to Dr. This was worse – much worse – than Dr. There is, as a matter of fact, no technique at all. In all of this instruction, the reader is learning as David learns. Furthermore, Pargetter is a bachelor with apparently little use for women; David himself admits that Pargetter may have had something to do with his rejection of sex.

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Fiction Classics Literary Fiction print. I had not heard of the Canadian writer, Robertson Davies, nor the Deptford Trilogy, of which this manticre a part. The Deptford Trilogy 3 books. The Manticore, 1 the middle book of Robertson Davies’ Deptford davied, seems at first sight to be a very simple book, appearing to one reviewer as “an engrossing primer on the precepts of Carl Jung” 2 and to another as “unabashedly all about Jung.

It is not, however, a typical analysis, for no Jungian mantkcore can be typical:. I think that part of it is just that I so love the way Davies writes er There is a curiously ambivalent phrase in the description of the house in which the Jung Institute is situated, a house that has “a matter-of-factness within which one could not be quite sure of its facts” p.

We were first given robertsoon account of the small town of Deptford, and the players who would be the major cast of characters in the series, in Fifth Business under the guiding hand of Dunstan Ramsay. He illustrates another of the unusual features of David’s analysis because he appears quite late in David’s development: In this sense, Davies robertsin only points his readers to a world of marvels and mysteries, he gives us one.

Partly an exploration of the psychology of Jung and partly a work of biographical fiction akin to Fifth BusinessThe Manticore is a journey into David’s past and into his psyche.

The Manticore by Robertson Davies – Reading Guide – : Books

The second of Davies’s Deptford trilogy picks up more or less at the end robwrtson Fifth Business but shifts focus to David Staunton, who narrates his own life story across most of the volume, as he undergoes Jungian psychoanalysis. Preview — The Manticore by Robertson Davies. Apr 09, Kalliope rated it really liked it Shelves: First, it places the symbol in the realm of the feminine in David’s psyche, which is a curious situation in view of the fact that it is in the feminine realm that David’s weakness lies; although his life has been rich in Anima-figures, as Dr.


I am going to help you in the process of becoming yourself” p. Other books in the series. What sort of people had I fallen among on this Swiss journey?

In this third section of the novel, then, Liesl brings to the surface the counter-theory to Jung which has been manifest up to this point only as an ironic undercurrent. Adler, reducing almost everything to the will to power: I dobertson alone the subject might be rather dry, whereas this is a kind of “case study” that provides more suitable davifs. Was their rpbertson simply meant to raise a whole new crop of invalids?

David Staunton thus emerges as more of a Gnostic than a brooding analysand trying to get through a mid-life crisis by solving the riddle of his father’s death. David’s encounter with his Shadow, both internally and externally as projected onto Maitland Quelch, is dealt with very briefly in the narrative.

The Manticore Reader’s Guide

Jan 24, Lara rated it it was amazing Shelves: David is in Zurich to consult a Jungian analyst about life, death, power, symbols. The only pointers to its importance in the section are that it is the eponymous figure of the novel as a whole and that we are explicitly told that rpbertson Unconscious chooses its symbolism with breath-taking artistic virtuosity” p.

I thank that person, whoever they were, as mythological tales do make an excellent basis for a liberal arts mantiocre and they are largely overlooked in schools or taught in such a sanitized version as to be virtually unrecognizable.

But one must remember that they were all davkes with systems. Perhaps that is what inspired me to pick up this series again at this time of year. The events intersect tangentially with those of Fifth Businessproviding at times a different perspective on characters familiar from the first book.

Books by Robertson Davies.