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The Mantario Trail is a multipurpose trail in southeastern Manitoba. It is 63 kilometers long and Mantario Trail conditions reports and maps (GPS, topographical) · Manitoba Naturalists Society · Nature Manitoba – Mantario · More trail. All hikers should use a copy of the official Manitoba Conservation Mantario Hiking Trail map (available online and in stores) for planning and navigating their . Mantario Trail, 66 km, 41 miles, about 4 days. Traildino grading: MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail; Hut tour grading: T1, Walk. Find walking maps and.

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It is manatrio true backwoods experience taking you away from roads, cottages, and motorized boat traffic. Bridge leading to Olive lake Olive Lake Campsite Just a short walk beyond Olive Lake is the large Moosehead Lake campsite, featuring a wooden box with a trail log you can sign or read, if you’re boredseveral picnic tables and plenty of space for multiple groups.

Completely exhausted we agreed to skip the hike into Ritchie lake for water, the m round trip was not that appealing. Mantsrio the summer of a much safer cut-off was made near the middle of the steep section at the south end of the portage – it is now the route that everyone pretty much takes.

A wooden sign marks mpa turn north after following the old logging road from the parking lot. The land is made of some of Canada’s oldest rock. Keyboard and Mouse Commands. A combination of markers show the route along the trail:.


To provide an idea of the portage I made a video in There is a significant amount of poison ivy at the start of the primary portage from Big Whiteshell into Crowduck.

This portage tdail over a height of land that is quite steep at both ends and reasonably level across the top. This page provides an interactive map and some interesting botanical side notes about the trip to Mantario and the day hike that is often taken.

Mantario Trail: Overview and Preparation

The south trailhead parking lot is approximately 2 hours from Winnipeg. The Mantario is a wilderness hiking trail, covering an extended distance and a wide range of terrain.

Open trail in mobile app. Jul 4, 6: Had an amazing time there Sept long weekend!

Wilderness Supply – Mantario Trail Hiking Guide

Abandoned car Crowduck Lodge Road The next section of mzntario trail follows a wide, abandoned mud road. There was actually benefit to this ‘beaver work’ since the winter trail could be paddled.

Time for a swim and a break. If you have questions about this or any other trips, please visit your nearest Wilderness Supply store, where our staff will be happy to provide advice and suggestions!

Large rocks form slightly precarious stepping stones to cross the water and reach the campsite. Look for the bear box for food and the big green ‘throne’ in the woods. These metal storage boxes can usually be found along the same path that leads to the latrine. Burnt out ridge Steep scrambles Beaver Dam crossing After the dam a climb leads to the best viewpoint on the trail. South trail was definitely more challenging end we began with lots of ups and downs, trail after Richie lake heading to north trailhead was a breeze in comparison.


The trail can be very challenging depending on how aggressive you timeline is. This route has not been used in a number of years now, the alternative portage also has poison ivy but less and it is more off the trail.

Mantario Trail – Wikipedia

The quickest I have done the trail is 2 days in late October of Campsites There are 10 official campsites along the length of the trail. Wet crossing – the stepping stones are just to the left of this photo. There is an alternative, but longer, portage from Big Whiteshell into Ritchie Lake. Roger Berrington recorded Mantario Trail caribou lake in mwntario out with a seim. It is a beautiful trail with incredible views, tdail is intended for experienced, prepared backpackers.

While you are wandering around check out the pin cherries. Ridelog Year All-time Want to put your head down and just walk? Views Read Edit View history.