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2 Revised Edition (Concordance of the Bible, Volume 2) [Mandelkern] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Hebrew/English Concordance of. Mandelkern’s great contribution to Jewish scholarship is his monumental Bible concordance Heikhal ha-Kodesh (, ; abridged edition, Tavnit Heikhal, . Results 1 – 8 of 8 Concordance of the Bible Vol. 1 Revised Edition by Solomon Mandelkern and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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The concordance is divided into the following sections: A list of abbreviations is found on pp.

Sell Us Your Items. In he visited the United States; he returned to Leipzig inand was visiting Vienna when he suddenly became ill and died in the Jewish hospital of that city. Please do not spend any money mandelksrn these products unless you feel they will help you achieve your learning goals.

The Mandelkern Biblical Concordance

Download our mobile app for on-the-go access to the Jewish Virtual Library. Should any definitions be included? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In later editions of the work by F. He died during a visit to Vienna in and was buried in Leipzig. Even-Shoshan gives concordnce a list of words that are commonly used with the word being presented, including idiomatic expressions. If you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to concordabce. After his father’s death he went to Dubno he was then fourteenwhere he continued his Talmudical studies.

Please know that I recommend these products because I think they are helpful for biblical studies. The verses are vocalized.

Mandelkern was a prolific writer in several languages, especially in Hebrew, in madelkern he produced poetical works of considerable merit. Each entry begins with a short lexical discussion in Latin and in modern Hebrew.


Later he became identified with the Haskalah movement. It adheres to the following principles: Solomon Mandelkern About this title: Tools for Studying the Hebrew Bible. The exhausting labor that Mandelkern devoted to the concordance undermined his mental and physical health, and in his later years he had to be hospitalized frequently. Even-Shoshan gives you all of the different forms of the word absolute, singular, doncordance, construct, etc.

Jewish Writers at Their Best, as in the first of the conccordance series, Heartbeats, we see more than a story Price: His main work, however, for which he invested some 20 years of labor, was his concordance to the Bible, Hekhal ha-kodeshissued as well in a shorter version titled Tavnit ha-hekhal However, for rarer words, he will also give mnadelkern the phrase with vowels that includes the word in question.

He was educated as a Talmudist.

Mandelkern, Shelomoh

The degree of Ph. Its completeness, clarity, thoroughness, and ease of consultation led mnadelkern praise from generations of readers, and it was used intensively until the end of the twentieth century. A New Concordance of the Bibleby Abraham Even-Shoshan was first published inand has subsequently appeared in various editions, some of which have an introduction in Mndelkern.

Find more information about at the Center for Jewish History: The details about this ordering can be found in the introduction. He was educated as a Talmudist.

Salomon Mandelkern – Wikipedia

Suggested Reading Author Translation. However, in the the twenty-first century, it typically is easier to use Bible programs instead of a paper concordance.

Join our email list! Malachi many of its imperfections were corrected. Concordances exist for many major Western works, such as the oeuvre of Shakespeare, and several concordances have been compiled for the HB. Each entry contains a short lexical discussion in modern Hebrew.


Nevertheless, in he took part in the First Zionist Congress and later traveled to the United States — to distribute this work. Freedman and Hebrew bibliographical essay on concordances by A. Instead, all of these kinds of words are found within mandeljern main section of Even-Shoshan.

With words that are frequently used, only citations are given; the verse-fragment is not given. The Mandelkern Biblical Concordance by Dr. Medal of Freedom Recipients. The numbers of this section refer to pages and columns.

YIVO | Mandelkern, Shelomoh

Drawn to secular studies in the early s, Mandelkern began to send articles to the Hebrew press. These sections also explain how A New Concordance is organized alphabeticallyrather than by root, and will give you important information on all of the abbreviations he uses. When this was discovered, the periodical was forced to suspend publication, and Mandelkern, to leave Russia. Additional Scholarly Bible Editions.

After his marriage he went to Wilnaentered its rabbinical school, and graduated as a rabbi. He also distinguishes between homonyms by placing them in separate entries. Should the citation be vocalized or unvocalized? After his marriage he went to Wilna, entered its rabbinical school, and graduated as a rabbi.