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In striving to be darkly humorous, this novel, about the invasion of Italy during World War II, finds the darkness repeatedly and the humor almost. I first read La pelle (The Skin, available in English translation) decades ago and was deeply affected by its merciless depiction of the misery. Curzio Malaparte and I have a strained and complicated relationship. The Skin is set in war-ruined Naples, in late , at a time when Allied.

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books, yo.

Email required Address never made public. Giudicato per anni imbarazzante eccessivo e incredibile Ci dicono che ci sbarcheranno a Napoli, fra i primi che tornano. And this is what Malaparte does so well — highlights the horrors of war through a filter of macabre psychedelia.

Like all good Americans, he was convinced that Malaparts was the leading nation of the ghe, and that the Americans were the most civilized and the most honourable people on earth; and naturally he despised Europe. In the collection malapatte writings Mamma marciapublished posthumously inMalaparte writes about the youth of the post-World War II era with homophobic tones, describing it as effeminate and tending to homosexuality and communism; [14] the same content is expressed in the chapters “The pink meat” and “Children of Adam” of The Skin.

The lid was raised and the basket seemed to be filled with mussels, or shelled oysters, as they are occasionally displayed in the windows of Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly in London.

Regrettably, the book is indelibly weakened by long tirades against homosexuality that would rightly be treated as unacceptable skln Malaparte writing today.

He began as a Fascist who supported Mussolini, but as a result of his snarky attitudes, he served time in several Fascist jails, until he was released by Mussolini’s heir. In he founded with Massimo Bontempelli the literary quarterly “”. In he took part in Benito Mussolini ‘s March on Rome.


It’s a novel that packs an emotional wallop. His tour guide demands lira payment before he will throw a rope to Arthur.

Curzio Malaparte

Malaparte’s skiin book, Maledetti Toscanihis attack on middle and upper-class culture, appeared in This was another amazing work from Malaparte, but I enjoyed it less than Kaputt. Then he had asked me which Gods the Americans would have to respect in ,alaparte if they were to be saved. Which is why he is able to write so well about the humiliation of the Italian people when they know the ambivalence of being simultaneously defeated and rhe by the Allies.

I think so, and one can also think of the character Curzio Malaparte–we’re told it’s a pseudonym chosen tge it’s the opposite of Bonaparte–as a kind of Virgil who leads several American liberators through the Italian campaign. Hoping then he would invite me back to his cliff side Villa on Capri for a spot of lunch.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Although entirely impossible due to the fact of it being banned in the cityhad there been a book signing event held in Naples for ‘La Pelle’ The Skinthe pen of Kurt Erich Suckert Curzio Malapatre would in all likelihood stay firmly in the breast pocket of his suit.

Curzio Malaparte and I have a strained and complicated relationship.

Here he stated that “the problem of the conquest and defense of the State is not a political one But that is not all. Yet, there are some shocking stories that feel like scenes from a Jheronimus Bosch painting, as they are so dark and archaic that you have trouble taking in the real picture of what he is relating. Europe, the people are hungry, and nowhere more so than in Naples. However cruel and even sadistic his observations often are, he does show alot of skim for the people of Naples and their often grotesque behaviour.


His polemical war novel-essay, Viva Caporetto! Born Kurt Erich Suckert, he was an Italian journalist, dramatist, short-story writer, novelist and diplomat.

Curzio Malaparte’s The Skin — Music & Literature

Why didn’t you drive them out by yourselves? Here Malaparte seems to link his thoughts back to an earlier passage concerning the nature of fighting not for a cause but for simple and immediate survival.

It’s a warning that should be heeded. They are no more simple victims than the latter are simple victors. He was then assigne Curzio Malaparte could only be described as a literary chameleon. I saw that he was crying as he spoke. I had some trouble adjusting to the characters and the tone of the book, but as soon as I hit the fire-bombing of Hamburg and realized all the strange things he was up to, it was gold.

The whole malaoarte human history seems to be the story of men who kill, and of men who are killed There is almost a process of healing to Malaparte’s description of atrocities; an exchange between the author and another person proceeds as such:.

In other words, his work flies in the face of conventional morality so as to more deeply understand human nature. Notify me of new comments via email.