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MAGICK. LIBER ABA. ALEISTER CROWLEY. WITH MARY DESTI AND LEILA WADDELL BOOK 4 by FRATER PERDURABO (Aleister Crowley) and SOROR . Magick has ratings and 27 reviews. Lex said: Definitely NOT a beginner’s treatise, but quite possibly the most exhaustive and illuminating book on. BOOK FOUR, Parts I and II, together with Magick in Theory and Practice (which .. So 4 or 5 stars for the FULL version of Book 4, Liber ABA but only 3 for this My .

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An intensely individualistic account of the path of Yoga and Magick for self-development.

Plain and simple truth. That being magck, this book magico conjunction with Magick Without Tearsis a pretty thorough introduction to the principles of ceremonial magick.

The other two thirds went over 44 head a bit as he talks about the symbolism maagick the peripherals of ceremonial magick, but much of this was interspersed with more attacks on bliss-ninny spirituality an I really enjoyed the first part of this book where Crowley talks about meditation, and spirituality in general, in the most no-nonsense wba often sarcastic way.

The laws and truths of the occult world which are presented here give the student a sound working knowledge and set him firmly on the path. Crowley mastered the practices of Yoga during his studies in the East, and writes about them lucidly, without recourse to the imprecise language of mysticism.


Sep 15, Marc rated it liked it. Open Preview See a Problem? I have to agree with others who say, look at Crowley’s life to decide for yourself whether he is a reliable guide in the area he wants to lead you through.

Apr 27, Jim Amy rated it really liked it. Jan 25, Ianmiller rated it it was amazing. Disgeorge rated it it was amazing Jun 24, The second half of the libe is about the symbolism of the tools mgaick the magician or “Magickal Weapons”. The first half of the book deals with Yoga, taking it step-by-step and reducing it to its most basic parts. Published January 1st by Weiser Books first published December 31st This of course inspired people like Anton LaVey and the Satanism movement, but it also secretly stayed a secret language of code, neither good nor evil.

Oct 19, Jure rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 21, Van An rated it it was amazing. Hard to read, but useful for insights into Crowley’s madness. The first part of Book 4 deals with the Eastern practices for discipline of the mind and body.

Magick: Liber Aba: Book 4

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The bible of Magick of the 20th Century. An excellent work discussing the principles of boo.

Crowley was among the first Westerners to spend time in India studying these practices, and then introduce them to the West. One of the few books where Crowley puts forth actual clear thought and expresses his philosophy without it being TOO mired in nonsense.


Michael rated it really liked it Jan 02, There are no “spells” listed, or even rituals. Crowley had claimed to be a Freemason, but the regularity of his initiations with the United Grand Lodge of England has been disputed.

This section also includes an “Interlude”, which is a humorous exposition on the magical interpretations of popular nursery rhymessuch as Old Mother Hubbard and Little Bo Peep. The name of the book was Aba, and its number 4. The second revised expanded edition above cited also benefitted from newly discovered typescripts.

Aug 28, James rated it it was amazing. Refresh and try again.

Magick (Book 4) – Wikipedia

What do people see in this guy? Apr 04, Josh Anderson rated it it was amazing. Crowley scales the theory back to a simple guide–explaining dhyarna, samadhi, etc.

Libeg — Magick by Aleister Crowley. Extensively cross-referenced and annotated, this edition features over diagrams and photographs, as well as a glossary, bibliography, and detailed index.