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MACO International; Bulgaria; China; Germany; France; Italy; Croatia; Netherlands; Austria RUSTICO Shutter hardware: Wall cladding and wall assembly. MACO Rustico is a high quality hardware for timber, aluminum and PVC shutters. MACO Rustico components: shutter hinges shutter locks shutter catches The. Available colours. MACO-RUSTICO hardware components are available in three different colours with the same PREMIUM-PLUS surface-finish structure.

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All shutter holders and locks must be installed so that they are held securely in the open and close position! These are used to hold the shutter in an open position. After drying apply a coating of anti-corrosion spray e.

Kovo ยป Hardware

For the latest up-to-date technical. Particularly damage that can result from insufficient ma intenance or misuse must be pointed out. This document is hosted by Old Will Knott Scales www. For ease of assembly and installation and continued enjoyment More information. Contact your technical consultant for details. Write the product s More information. Narrow stile lock CE EN 2 4 5.


Profiles in stock Standard catalogue. B For shutters with an overall weight to a maximum of 20 kg maximum 30 kg for MMV hardware rangethe distance between the shutter holder and the edge of the shutter at the hinge side must be at least mm.

Damage to the shutter kaco and to the ruatico can cause shutter components or the entire shutters to drop. Ruxtico Fitting Accessories Information Information Door seals Areas of application Protection against cold, draught and vermin Reduces light leakage Sound insulation Smoke control Fire resistance Reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning More information.

We trust that we have provided you with a valuable document that will prove helpful in your daily work! Existing window frame, wall and weatherresistant More information.

Due to continuing improvements, actual product More information. Reveal depth from 60 up to mm Max. Such cleaning agents will destroy the the passivation and as a result, macco up corrosion.

MACO Rustico shutter hardware

If you have any questions about your ability to complete the procedure, call Andersen at for More information. Magnus Kennedy 1 years ago Views: When the buffer stop is used, make sure that the facade has sufficient compression strength e.


Please read all instructions before commencing More information. Thermal Block Entrance Installation Manual. Apply Sill Flashing Tape C. Never use chemically aggressive, acetic or abrasive cleaning agents.

Prerequisite for a correct installation of. The following cases, in particular, shall be deemed misuse of the shutter hardware- i. Quality fittings for sliding doors. And they do it in style. Your blind has been custom made to your specifications and is one More information. Planners obtain and observe the latest product information from the manufacturer 9. Colonnade Security Pipe Description: The force between the shutter and hinge is transferred via the hinge body, not via the decorative bracket.

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