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Buy M-Audio BX5 D2 5″ Active 2-Way Studio Monitor Speakers (Pair): Computer Speakers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The BX5 D2 Active 70W 5″ 2-Way Studio Monitor Speaker (Pair) from M-Audio provides excellent sound quality in a compact and affordable design. Find great deals on eBay for M-audio BX5 D2 in Speakers and Monitors for Music Professionals. Shop with confidence.

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I want to know if Audioengine D1 have a noticeable difference in soundquality if i upgrade from my soundcard. I’m adding acoustic panels and will measure with a flat mic to compair on a spectrum analyser, so It’ll be OK here.

M-Audio BX5 D2 Studio Monitor Review

That said then, those looking to pick up a subwoofer with the BX5 D2, definitely be aware of the connectivity. In order to achieve better speaker isolation, M-Audio has also included two small b5x pads, one for each speaker. Vocals came across with stunning realism and small details in the sound were accurately revealed by the speakers.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply.when shopping for new computer audio systems, we tend to look for speakers designed specifically for computer systems. Reddit Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. In games, I tested the speaker quite extensively in Battlefield 3 and CS: M-Audio BX5 D2 accessories. My list is as such: According to the specifications, the low frequency amplifier is bd5 of producing 40w while the high frequency amplifier is capable of producing 30w.

Each cabinet houses a 5″ Kevlar woofer and a 1″ waveguide-loaded tweeter to provide a full, detailed frequency response.

Our engineers also created a curved conical design that improves room dispersion. The mids, both the higher and lower end, were tuned just right so that audio coming out of the speakers sounded very natural and lifelike r2 than digital and processed. I will us them for years to come. And our high-temperature voice coils reduce power compression, guaranteeing that your monitors will deliver full performance hour after hour.

  IEC 62384 PDF

M-audio BX5 D2

The Best Gaming Monitors of And about the positioning again: Sam Chen July 21, If you don’t have much money to spend, these are great. Your results may vary with this. The thing that is great about them is even when I get better quality monitors I am sure I will continue to us these to go back for another view on the song.

High-damping adio rubber surrounds provide percussive musical bass, and insure that the cone reaches its optimal excursion for accurate reproduction. I’ve only had them a few days- but so far I’m impressed.

M-Audio BX5 D2 Studio Monitor Review | Custom PC Review

I believe the Mids could be just a tiny bit sharper, E2 feel like they almost get there but not quite, as heard in On the Backs of Angels and One Last Time, which is kind of disappointing because I don’t like focusing on trying to hear these small details, but rather I like simply hearing them, like I do with my AD’s. If you are considering getting these in place of basic PC speakers it will be like going from a x2 era TV to a modern wide screen high def!

But those disadvantages are really just nitpicking, because these speakers are a bargain – nonetheless, and I am dead satisfied. These are great starter monitors and I would recommend them to anyone. The BX5 D2 cabinet is integrally designed with its other components for optimal performance—right down to rounded corners bs5 reduced edge diffraction and superior imaging.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sign-up e2 Receive Daily Tech News! Never really heard of these. I’ve listened to the Audioengine A2’s which cost about the same, if not – more and these are so much better. Write a review sdrrfxxssydttzauazsu. This type of design is much more expensive, but it produces the cleanest audio signals as interference between the high and low frequencies are better isolated.

Now, in movies and in gaming the bass response will feel a bit lacking as this is a 2. I love the little guide lights and the literature that accompanies the monitors to help you position them for the best clarity. Maybe it’s my old ears- perhaps a youngster would find them average.

Similar model shown for illustrative purposes.

Firing up Battleship with its very well done DTS 7. That’s because the song mostly concentrates on the Lows and Mid-Lows which is the strong side of the BX5’s.

These are fairly common, fairly inexpensive opamps used in a ton of audio products on the market. There are many instruments auxio plenty of lows to highs, depending on the part of the song 17 minutes song.

M-audio BX5 D2 | eBay

I have a few specific songs with which I test new audio gear so I can make fair comparisons. They work great for that they aren’t the best monitors out there.

They are large, perhaps a bit large for desktop use.