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LX90 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: View and Download Meade LX90 instruction manual online. 8” Schmidt- Cassegrain Telescope AutoStar LNT SmartFinder. LX90 Telescope pdf manual. the playback environment (Application Manual) Setting the speaker system for high sound quality multi-channel music sources. (DVD Audio discs and.

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Identify In this procedure, you will center an object l9x0 wish to have identified by AutoStar in the telescope eyepiece and use the “Identify” menu to find out information about the object or the nearest object to it in the AutoStar database. It is in astronomical Page of 60 Go. Page 56 Listed below are the best planets for viewing through the LX Setting Circles Setting circles included with the LX90 permit the manuql of faint celestial objects not easily found by direct visual observation.

This is useful if one user has downloaded a new version of AutoStar software from the Meade website www. The speed at which the stars move is called the sidereal rate. Shorter exposure times is one of the biggest drawback. Page 11 GO TO. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. Point the telescope, with the motor drive running, at a moderately bright star near where the meridian the North-South line passing through your local zenith and the celestial equator intersect.

Each eyepiece has a TITLE Title must be the first keyword in your tour after any comment lines and must be 15 characters Meade LX90 User Manual.

Meade LX90 user manual – Discussions – Scopes / Whole setups – Stargazers Lounge

If the site is over 70 miles km North of the listed city, add one degree for every 70 miles. Photography With The Lx90 35mm frame Fig. Setup Menu Cord Wrap, when set to “On,” moves the telescope in such a manul as to prevent the cords and cables attached to your telescope assembly from getting wound around the assembly and tangled as the telescope slews to objects.


The APM Fig.

LX90-GPS Manual (Size: 2.1 MB)

mwnual To start viewing the user manual Meade LX90 on full screen, use the button Fullscreen. When first opening the packing box, note kx90 the following parts: In this procedure, you will maanual the location of terrestrial landmarks in AutoStar’s memory.

If necessary, loosen the lock knob 1, Fig. Astronomical Observing Used as an astronomical instrument, your telescope has many optical and electromechanical capabilities.

The AutoStar Computer Controller provides control of virtually every telescope function within AutoStar does not a compact handbox. You can setup your telescope to move at the sidereal rate so that it automatically tracks the stars and other objects in the night sky. You do not have to print the entire manual Meade LX90 but the selected pages only. Maintenance If the LX90 is not to be used for an extended period, perhaps for one month or more, it is advisable to remove the batteries llx90 the telescope.

Join an Astronomy Club, Attend a Star Party One of the best ways to increase your knowledge of astronomy is to join an manuual club.

Press GO TO a second time to slew the telescope to that star. Aligning SmartFinder In order for the SmartFinder to be useful, it must first be aligned with the main telescope, so For example, a 26mm eyepiece is supplied with the LX Slide the AutoStar handbox into the holder 3, Fig.

The APM includes auxiliary connectors for plug-in of such accessories as corded models of illuminated reticle eyepieces, the Electric Focuser, or a CCD autoguider. Use a terrestrial object, such as a telephone pole or lamp post, to train the drive.

As the Earth rotates beneath the night sky, the stars appear to move from East to West. AutoStar displays information about the asteroid Slew the l90 in a specific direction up, down, left, and rightat any one manuql nine different speeds. Page 34 Writing a Tour Using the list of commands listed above, a custom tour can be created.


Meade will repair or replace a product, or part thereof, found by Meade to be defective, provided the defective part kanual returned to Meade, freight-prepaid, with proof of purchase.

For your convenience If looking through the Meade LX90 user manual mannual on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: To determine the latitude of an observing site not listed on the chart, locate the city closest to your site.

Observing Practice focusing objects with the focus knob 8, Fig. L9x0 the Celestial Pole To get basic bearings at an observing location, take note of where the Sun rises Auxiliary AUX Port 2: Visit the Meade web site www.

Because of its much wider field, the viewfinder may be of significant assistance in locating and centering objects, after the setting circles have been used to locate the approximate position of the object.

Point your telescope at the Moon note that the Moon is not visible every night and practice rapidly ,x90. Set the slew speed to 4 or less and center the star in the eyepiece. Photography through a long lens such manuql the LX90 requires special technique for good results, and the photographer should probably expect to waste a roll or two of film in acquiring this technique.

Also check if “Astronomical” is selected in the “Targets” option of the setup menu. Then follow the procedure below: Got it, continue to print. If these precautions are not followed, batteries may explode, catch fire, or leak.

Multi-mount telescope system with astronomer inside 72 pages. LX90 Specifications Optical design Verify that AutoStar is properly connected to your telescope.

Getting the telescope ready for first observations requires only a few minutes.