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A Simple Tutorial to Get New Users up to Speed in modo. If not, it is recommended users read up on the interface page of the documentation to get an. Explore Tanita Datsenko’s board “Luxology Modo 3D” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Modeling, 3d tutorial and Models. It makes a lot of use of Pixar subdivision which is only available in Modo or later. Find this Pin and more on. An official video tutorials by Luxology where James Darknell xplains how to add dynamics in MODO to a car model, creating a hinge with a motor and.

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A single set of polygons is drawn as a straight line between the groups.

The height of each shape is a little tall, so lets scale it down some. That makes the geometry for the handle.

Anyone, using this tut to learn is looking for the actions.

Modo Creative 3D Modeling Software | Foundry

Concerning “baggy instructors” I do not mean to sound that rude and have been trying to edit this for the past 40 minutes but it just is not accepting my edit. Pressing and holding the MMB, as you drag the mouse you will draw a line on the screen, this is the lasso that selects the polygons. This Tutorial is one of the easiest tutorials I’ve read.

Yaros March 6, at 1: This centers the action origin at the tool handles location and keeps the axis alignment tutlrials. I will make the adjustments as needed, sorry for any confusion they may have caused.

modo Inline Help System

Nextit is necessary to bevel the same polygon again, but further editing of the handles will simply modify the initial bevel unless the tool is dropped and reactivated. We have a good relationship with Foundry; they’re keen to push the software further and make things simpler for the artists while keeping up with industry standards.

See how both scale from their own center in only one application, that’s pretty cool. This is helpful for when a lot of polygons need to be selected, or you don’t have a good view of what is to be selected. The pace of design really increases using Modo.

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Once finished, press ‘Q’ to drop the tool and keep the deformation. It is expected that users are comfortable using a mouse, clicking and dragging, can navigate menus and have a basic familiarity with modo’s interface.

Beginner Tutorial

As this is a “first” tutorial, I would expect the text to tell me that rather than have to figure it out through the picture. If so it could be the polygons would be so small as to be in invisible, this would then trip up further actions, such as beveling. The handle isn’t quite as thick as these two shapes suggest, so let’s bevel them inward somewhat to make a more reasonable sized handle shape. Designer, New Balance The pace of design really increases using Modo. Assign a name to the mug, adjust the color to taste and press ‘OK’.

Sign in to add comments and rate this page. Handles are the controls that allow users to make specific modifications. It could be considered somewhat cone-shaped, but it would probably be easier in this case to define a cylinder shape and modify that.

We want our object to be one continuous smooth surface, so in order to add the handle properly, we’ll need to add some additional geometric edges to grow the handle from. Another couple items that may be helpful: Haus70 October 2, at 9: The Power Translators for Modo are ideal for designers, engineers, product visualization specialists and 3D generalists who need to bring specific industry-standard CAD data formats into Modo for visualization or design.

Then, under the ‘Deform’ subtab of the toolbox select the ‘Soft Move’ tool.

The outside wall of my mug is not smoothing. As mentioned above, modeling is often the act moodo creating and then modifying, so that is exactly what we’re going to do here.

Thus far, we’re gone over the Work Plane and its use, tool handles, some keyboard shortcuts, making selections, converting selections as well as the application of some pretty useful tools. Now the handle is a continuous extension of the body and almost completely finished.

Get started with Modo Try Modo free for 30 days and realize your full creative potential. We’ll do this by using the ‘Loop Slice’ tool. I cannot imagine working without my Foundry software. Once a tool is inactive referred to as dropped interactive editing will no longer be possible, so you want to keep your tool in the active state until you have the shape the way you want it. Holding the ‘Ctrl’ key when adjusting any of the handles will again constrain all values to be the same.


Modo applies the effect to all but the outer top rim of the mug, even though the value for that edge loop entered is correct to the tutorial.

When selectedits background will change to an orange color and its attributes will appear in the ‘tool properties’ viewport directly below the toolbox pictured in the left panels further below. Introducing Modo 12 Series The Modo 12 Series delivers enhanced model-bashing tools and workflows, a VR viewport embedded in the UI, iterative design workflows, and improved animation capabilities. We want to select the entire loop, so once the initial selection is made, pressing ‘L’ again will select the connected faces in the loop, just like it did for the edges; the difference being that two polygons needed to tell modo which direction to run the loop.

If you’re using a mouse that does not have a middle mouse button or equivalent, then you will need to also switch the viewport into ‘Wireframe’ view. Toggle into ‘Polygons’ mode, and select the polygons flanking the edges you just scaled using the methods you learned above.

Activate the ‘Scale’ tool, this can be done by pressing the icon in the interface, but being such a commonly used function, it has a keyboard shortcut ‘R’. The Modo 12 Series delivers enhanced model-bashing tools and workflows, a VR viewport embedded in the UI, iterative design workflows, and improved animation capabilities. I had the same problem, until I realized I was drawing the cylinder without pressing the control key.

Normally when you move geometry, it all moves the same amount, as a single rigid piece, but the falloff lets you move one area more than another, with a soft fade between the two extremes.

Calamari December 27, at 5: