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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Locknetics Electromechanical Power Bolt Lock at Read honest and unbiased . The PowerBolt is a mortise, right with the HDB herculite door • FAX: • Visit us on the Internet at The PB PowerBolt is a mortise, right angle deadbolt with a” bolt and a” throw. It is available fail-safe PB or fail-secure PBS. PowerBolts install.

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Put an end to the continual repair of your locks and upgrade the intelligence of your opening today! GF SM For metal door and frame, glass door with top rail and metal frame, or wood door and frame.

The data source can be either current transactions or archived data. Each section includes a nine 9 position screw terminal block for output power, control hookup and SPDT dry contact outputs rated 5 amps 30 VDC.

Long life — Passive, no-battery lockneetics allows an infinite number of reads. Select Lock Options 1. See specifications for details. Provides significant protection from rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, falling dirt and windblown dust.

The magnet detects 12 or 24 Volts. It is ideal for use at a guard or nurse station.

GF SC Semi-concealed model. Delayed alarming is selectable from 5 to 75 seconds.

Locknetics 405 Arsb Powerbolt With Ball Type Auto Relock Switch

It consists of 2 quick connect terminals and 4 one foot long leads with quick connect lugs. Locknetics warrants only to the End User of electromagnetic locks that the electronic module of the electromagnetic locks will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment of the electromagnetic locks from an authorized seller to the End Locknegics or a period of 18 months from the date of shipment of such electromagnetic locks from Locknetics to an authorized seller, whichever period lockknetics shorter.


Remote Enrollment Many installations use an enrollment reader 40 input new users in the system. Users can be added, changed, or deleted directly at the access control point via the keypad. Durability — Polycarbonate package is resistant to cracking and breaking.

The compact size olcknetics the magnet fits into header construction with minimum preparation. Cross-reference A cross-reference list correlating the external card number andthe programmed ID number is standard for easy system administration.

Locknetics Product Catalog |

Maintains ULC for fire doors. Includes a beveled 1″ automatic deadbolt. All information, including biometric data and decision-making capability resides locally. HandNet supports 60 definable time zones, with four start and stop intervals per zone.

Real security at a reasonable price The HandKey II provides the security and convenience you need at a price you can afford, even when compared to card-based systems. Keypad can still be used for programming – Toggle mode — unlocks the lock indefinitely passage – Pass through mode — allow access during lock-out mode – Normal use Default — Momentarily unlocks for relock delay – Mechanical Function: Track 1 and track 3 versions are also available.

Most commonly used in computer operated monitoring systems. Designed to meet a wide range of security requirements, the Series can control and monitor electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, electromechanical exit devices or other electric locks. This easy-to-install electric strike was created for medium duty applications, specifically to control traffic flow through interior and exterior openings in retail and commercial environments.


Up to 25 user-definable text fields may be specified for each user, in addition to standard fields such as name, ID number, access profile, authority level, and rejection threshold. Although intended primarily for use with an enclosure, the INT-HTR option may be used in cooler environments where an enclosure is not required, such as an unheated warehouse. The Blizzard enclosure is a fully integrated unit and comes complete with HandReader and internal heater.

Thank you for your participation! The protection of people and assets can be a costly investment.

ADI | Locknetics/Schlage | PB | POWERBOLT X X

Safety interlock is available, consult factory for additional information. Unlike traditional wired openings that take days to install, Schlage Wireless Access solutions install in 45 fraction of the time. Each includes an electric cable with five conductors wired to a twist-apart plug. See the current capacity chart for Locknetics locking devices on page I7.

Using the alarms in tamper mode allows the type of alarm to loknetics determined e. Relock time delay is easily adjusted from 0 to 30 seconds from the face of the installed lock.