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Livro Terra Sonâmbula de Mia Couto content/uploads//09/ Sleepwalking Land (in Portuguese: Terra Sonâmbula) is a novel written by Mia Couto, a Mozambican writer, first published in Portuguese in and translated .

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The plot is simple. One reviewer tfrra it as a sort of contemporary Arabian Nights, and I think that is really the best definition for this book. I’m glad I was able to read the original, as not only the invented words, but also the choice of words is particularly important to define the characters and the surroundings.

In Sleepwalking Land, Couto deals a bit more with the logic of the violence more than in Tuner of Silences: Mozambican fantasy interweaving stories. Send me a message if you do.

It’s like someone with a mind half Kafka and half Cormac McCarthy, the dreamstates of Doris Lessing, and the ever-loving heart of the mother of everybody lived in the thick of the Mozambiquan civil war, and wrote a book about it. Kind of an African “Arabian Nights”. Beautiful and livrk original recreation of the Portuguese trera.

Sleepwalking Land by Mia Couto

The chaos and suffering caused by the Mozambican Civil War is shown as all pervasive, many of the population are displaced.

Here is a selection of literary gems from a couple of dozens I marked while reading, that show the power of his writing. Though I find Couto to be more in control of his novel than Orki was with The Famished Road; the story is tighter, the prose more precise. An unforgettable set of characters sleepwalks the same earth, some having given up hope, others trying to mend what seems well beyond mending.


Terra Sonâmbula

One story is that the boy has no memory of his early life because he was taken to a witchdoctor to empty his head of the horrible memories. Return to Book Snoambula. I was worried the magical realism would be a deal breaker for me, but it wasn’t something inserted here and then to confuse you about what’s real and what’s not.

You’ll come upon lines like this: The dream sequences and spirit world moments lift this story above the harsh reality of the world, they do not remove the characters from it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Por isso vou-me limitar aquilo que consigo transmitir por palavras “normais”.

The road in the notebooks they find is the path of a magical journey towards love and meaning, partly in a spirit world similar to Ben Okri’s b Did Cormac McCarthy read this before he wrote “The Road”? This page was last edited on 7 October ,ivro, at Want to Read saving….

The reader is never confronted with it directly, wh This is my second novel by Mia Couto and I am definitely noticing soonambula themes in his writing – dislocation, disorientation and isolation in or through war being a main one. De moeders leren hun kinderen gewoon hoe ze moeten overleven.

Books by Mia Couto. But there are still great moments, and the book probably deserves three stars for dialogue like this alone. Every day they wander around their home base looking for food or other living souls and avoiding gunmen. It is unapologetic magical realism, a war described without any battle scenes, metaphor upon metaphor.


As for me, Tetra only happened to find it all a bit repetitive, and was honestly praying the book would come to an end so I could move on to a more compelling read. Views Read Edit View history.

A man tries to dig a river with his own hands to separate himself from the gangs and soldiers, hoping the water will wash them all away. Kindzu e Muidinga caminham e crescem juntos. The book shows death and trauma in war through strange happenings– metamorphosis, animal omens, reanimated corpses, eccentric grotesque spirit guides of all forms that try to bargain with kivro living. The fate of the two refugees and Kindzu’s stories begin to entwine and unravel in marvelous ways.

Acaba por arrancar a capa de um dos cadernos. Kindzu manages to narrate the birth of an independent Mozambique and the struggle to keep stability right before the civil war. His characters are often navigating their world almost completely alone, a world in shambles shaken to its foundation through the violences of war. Above sonabula I think Couto’s strength is running a familiar thread through the foreign. One story is that the boy has no memory of his early life because he was taken to a witchdoctor to empty his head of the horrible memories.

On display is the art of storytelling.