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The Libri of Aleister Crowley is a list of texts mostly written or adapted by Aleister Crowley. works of Aleister Crowley. This is a listing with liber number, Roman number, class, full title, and a short description. .. CDXIV () Chapter XV. CDLXXIV, , C, Liber Os Abysmi vel Daath—A method for entering the Abyss. In Thelemic mysticism, the Abyss is the great gulf or void between the phenomenal world of Crowley, Aleister. Little Essays Toward Truth. ^ Liber OS Abysmi vel Daath pamphlet, available online at Retrieved Dec. 19, This Liber has always struck me as one of the most cogent instructions that Crowley ever wrote (along with Liber A vel Armorum and Appendix.

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They are thus Insane Delusions. This history contains no mythology; it is a statement of facts susceptible of rational proof. Yea, verily, hath he daxth attained to Understanding?

Manifesto of the O. This book is the Gate of the Secret of the Universe. Soror Achitha’s Vision — Unpublished; possibly not extant.

Also Huxley’s Essays on Hume and Berkeley. Finally the supreme secret is revealed, that can be put in dignified medical terms today: The daahh of this book is sufficiently explained by its title.

Some are attributed to other authors. Called by Christians The Book of the Beast.


The Butterfly Net — Crowley: Graduum Montis Abiegni — Crowley: Ararita —An account of the Hexagram and the method of reducing it to the Unity and Beyond. Let then his reason hurl itself again and again against ve blank wall of mystery which will confront him.


An instruction in a purely intellectual method of entering the Abyss.

He represents those parts of one’s consciousness and unconsciousness — “a momentary unity capable of sensation and of expression,” in Crowley’s terms [9] — that are unwilling or unable to enter the Divine. And therefore I have the most entire conviction that he called them demons, because they were daemones knowing or wiseand in our older Attic dialect the word itself occurs. The Mass of the Phoenix — Crowley: Hugh Everett found these probability timelines, sideways dwath time, but, he failed to call this direction a dimension.

Now the Abyss being thus the great storehouse of Phenomena, it is the source of all impressions. Little Essays Toward Truth.


This book has not been published. The first of these “concerns things of which it was unlawful to speak openly under penalty of the most dreadful punishment,” [5] namely receptive homosexual intercourse under the desert sun that went against Crowley’s social habits of conduct or his conscious self-image.

It is the active form of Liber H. Its seven chapters are referred to the seven planets in the following order: This is an example of the agenda of Klippoth this is not true Daath. The Captain’s Ship’s Discipline: Then will all phenomena which present themselves to him appear meaningless and disconnected, and his own Ego will break up into a series of impressions having no relation one with the other, or with any other thing.


He also encouraged seeking out one’s ultimate destiny or purpose, commonly referred to as one’s True Will. Liber V vel Reguli — Crowley: In Thelemic mysticismthe Abyss is the great gulf or void between the phenomenal world of manifestation and its noumenal source.

T – Bahlasti Ompehda Camp, Budapest. Liber Arcanorum — This is an account of the cosmic process so far as it is indicated by the Tarot Trumps.

We are drawn to the probability timeline resonant to our thought, by the attractive force of inductive resonance. Thus also following is it said, and we deny it not.

This is the most exalted and yet practical of the Chinese classics. And I say too, that every wise man who happens to be a good man is more than human daimonion both in life and death, and is rightly called a demon.

Abyss (Thelema) – Wikipedia

And by the Universe We mean not that petty Universe which the mind of man can conceive, but that which is revealed to his soul in the Samadhi of Atmadarshana. Let this state then become so acute that it is in truth Insanity, and let this continue until exhaustion. An account of Buddhism. Facsimile pages of the actual manuscript of The Book of the Law. Views Read Edit View history.