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Aeterni Patris, an encyclical issued by Pope Leo XIII on Aug. 4, , which strengthened the position of the philosophical system of the medieval Scholastic . Aeterni Patris has 23 ratings and 7 reviews. In August , eighteen months into his pontificate, Pope Leo XIII (formerly Joachim Cardinal Pecci, bisho. AETERNI PATRIS (UNIGENITUS) — an encyclical letter proclaimed by Pope Leo XIII,. July 4, (Acta Leonis Papae R, , I ). The subtitle of the.

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Aeterni Patris

We know that there are some who, in their overestimate of the human faculties, maintain that as soon as man’s intellect becomes subject to divine authority it falls from its native dignity, and hampered by the yoke of this species of slavery, is much retarded and hindered in its progress toward the supreme truth and excellence.

The interpretations and effects of the encyclical have been varied, some using it to authorize a return to a strict adherence to St. Gwenzhuzhu Chu marked it as to-read Apr 24, Quotes from Aeterni Patris. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. March Learn how and when patrris remove this template message. Afterwards, in the East, John Damascene, treading aeternu the footsteps of Basil and of Gregory of Nazianzen, and in the West, Boethius and Anselm following the doctrines of Augustine, added largely to the patrimony of philosophy.

Thomas as a central figure in Catholic philosophy. These developments and contributions can be seen as a natural consequence of the aim of Aeterni Patris to bring faith and reason together in a fruitful dialectic.

He is regarded by…. He was the first pope to never have held any control over the Papal States, after they were dissolved by And with regard, venerable brethren, to the origin, patriz, and excellence of this scholastic learning, it may be well here to speak more fully in the words of one xiii the wisest of Our predecessors, Sixtus V: Gregory of NeoCaesarea 11 praises Origen expressly because, with singular dexterity, as one snatches weapons from the enemy, he turned to the defense of Christian wisdom and to the destruction of superstition many arguments drawn from the writings of the pagans.

Justin Martyr claims the chief place.

Aeterni Patris (Leo XIII)

In the fourth paragraph, the encyclical begins to articulate the ways in which philosophy can aid and complement true faith. To say nothing of the family of St. Thomas’s philosophy and the continuing of his spirit of investigation, but not necessarily the adoption of every argument and opinion to be found in the works of the scholastics. Thomas, and to spread it far and wide patrks the defense and beauty of the Catholic faith, for the leonn of society, and for the advantage of all the sciences.

The only-begotten Son of the Eternal Father, who came on earth to bring salvation and the light of divine wisdom to men, conferred a great and wonderful blessing on the world when, about to ascend again into len, He pattis the Apostles to go and teach all nations, 1 and left the Church which He had founded to be the common and supreme teacher of the peoples.


In doing so, Catholic doctrine was developed and defended against heretics and other adversaries who sought to propose contrary views. Now, We think that, ppatris from the supernatural help of God, nothing is better calculated to heal those minds and to xiiii them into favor with the Catholic faith than the solid doctrine of the Fathers and the Scholastics, who so clearly and forcibly demonstrate the firm foundations of the faith, its divine origin, its certain truth, the arguments that sustain it, the benefits it has conferred on the human race, and its perfect accord with reason, in a manner to satisfy completely minds open to persuasion, however unwilling and repugnant.

But Augustine would seem to have wrested the palm from all. Thomas and the seraphic St. Philosophy is characterized as a handmaid to faith that humbly accepts revelation.

But in the case of such doctrines as the human intelligence may perceive, it is equally just that philosophy should make use of its own method, principles, and arguments-not, indeed, in such fashion as to seem rashly to withdraw from the divine authority.

How subtly he reasoned on the angels, the soul, the human mind, the will and free choice, on religion and the life of the blessed, on time and eternity, and even on the very nature of changeable bodies. Faith frees and saves reason from error, and endows it with manifold knowledge.

Aeterni Patris (August 4, ) | LEO XIII

He is the most recent pontiff xoii date to take the pontifical name of “Leo” upon being elected to the pontificate. For in this, the most noble of studies, it is of the greatest necessity to bind together, as it were, in one body the many and various parts of the heavenly doctrines, that, each being allotted to its own proper place and derived from its own proper principles, the whole may join together in a complete union; in order, in fine, that all and each part may be strengthened by its own and the others’ invincible arguments.

Peter’s, in Rome, the fourth day of August,the second year of our pontificate. The vigorous reintroduction of St. Its solid foundations having been thus laid, a perpetual and varied service is further required of philosophy, in order that sacred theology may receive and assume the nature, form, and genius of a true science. For, as the all-seeing God against the cruelty of tyrants raised up mighty martyrs to the defense of the Church, men prodigal of their great lives, in like manner to false philosophers and heretics He opposed men of great wisdom, to defend, even by the aid of human reason, the treasure of revealed truths.

Thomas’s philosophy and the continuing of his spirit of investigation, but not necessarily the adoption of every argument and opinion to be found in the works of the scholastics. Such an idea is most false and deceptive, and its sole tendency is to induce foolish and ungrateful men wilfully to repudiate the most sublime truths, and reject the divine gift of faith, from lepn the fountains of all good things flow out upon civil society.


Bonaventure, illustrious teachers of this faculty. And as he also used this philosophic method in the refutation of error, he won this title to distinction for himself: Hard to believe this was written in But the Pope declares that the actual condition of thought makes it a duty for him to do something for the study of true philosophy; because many present evils are to be ascribed to false philosophy, inasmuch as, since man is naturally led by reason, whither the reason leads the will easily follows.

As it is evident that very many truths of the supernatural order which are far beyond the reach of the keenest intellect must be accepted, human reason, conscious of its own infirmity, dare not affect to itself too great powers, nor deny those truths, xiui measure them by its own standard, nor interpret them at will; but receive them, rather, with a full and humble faith, and esteem it the highest honor to be allowed to wait upon heavenly doctrines like a handmaid and attendant, and by Patrsi goodness attain to them in any way whatsoever.

Tommy marked it as to-read Jun 02, Reason is characterized as rather autonomous, in that the pagans demonstrated and proved conclusions, using only their natural reason, which supported certain truths regarding faith: Portals Access related topics.

Thomas be taught in all the Roman schoolshe founded the “Accademia di San Tommaso”, and made provision for a new edition of St. The ecumenical councils, also, where blossoms the flower of all earthly wisdom, have always been careful to hold Thomas Aquinas in singular honor.


Of a most powerful genius and thoroughly saturated with sacred and profane learning, with the loftiest faith and with equal knowledge, he combated most vigorously all the errors of his age. Maria Bondesen marked it as to-read Apr 29, And both Gregory of Nazianzen 12 and Gregory of Nyssa 13 praise and commend a like mode of disputation in Basil the Great; while Jerome 14 especially commends it in Quadratus, a disciple of the Apostles, in Aristides, Justin, Irenaeus, and very many others.

Therefore in this also let us follow the example of the Angelic Doctor, who never gave himself to reading or writing without patriss begging the blessing of God, who modestly confessed that whatever he knew he had acquired not so much by his own study and labor as by the divine gift; and therefore let us all, in humble and united prayer, beseech God to send forth the spirit of knowledge and of understanding to the children of the Church and open their senses for the understanding of wisdom.

Biff Henderson rated it it was amazing Jul 18, But the truth unfolded by reason cannot xoii the truths revealed by God ; hence, although in the pursuit of natural knowledge philosophy may justly use its own method, principles, and arguments, yet not so as to withdraw from the authority of Divine revelation.

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