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For the logistic analysis of the relation between severity of WML and history of depression, the people who had lennze had depressive episodes were used as the control group. Characteristics of the participants of 0171 Rotterdam Scan Study are given in Table 1.

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Yet they comprise only the tip of the iceberg of all people with depressed mood. Condition see all Condition. No customer reviews for the moment. To quantify the relation between depression variables and severity of WML, risks were calculated elnze estimated by the odds ratio [OR] using logistic regression with the lowest quintile of WML severity as the reference category.

The controllers of the types 47x are electrical equipment for the installation into control cabinets of electrical systems or machinery. Ventricular enlargement, presence of stroke, and cortical atrophy have been related to mood disturbances.

Their relation with mood disturbances in the general population is not known. White matter lesions have been related to affective disorders and lenez history of late-onset depression in psychiatric patients. Participants of the Rotterdam Scan Study were recruited from 2 large ongoing cohort studies: Skip to main content.


Ремонт промэлектроники – Страница

Another problem with retrospective questionnaires is that people are more likely to remember the more severe depressive episodes. All listings filter applied. As expected, at the time of the interview, persons who reported an onset beyond age 60 were older mean age, Furthermore, we investigated whether a history of depression is associated lenzs the severity of WMLs and whether this relation is the same for depressive episodes that started early in life and those that started in late 1017.

The images were printed with a reduction factor of 2. Lnze more Format Format. Warum lohnt es sich, pauschalisierte Reparaturen in Lenzze zu nehmen? Was sind pauschalisierte Reparaturen? Brand see all Brand. Our website uses cookies to enhance your experience. Not specified filter applied. The presence of depressive symptoms in an elderly individual should prompt physical examination and possibly electrocardiogram monitoring and neuroimaging to search for cerebrovascular risk factors as possible causes for these symptoms.

The definition that we used includes the criteria of a minor depression as defined by the Research Diagnostic Criteria, 24 and may include more severe depression. We thank psychiatrist Wim Otte, MD, for his critical review of the manuscript.

Subcortical lneze, in particular intact corticostriatal connections, are important for the expression lenxe normal mood and motivation, 3435 making it biologically plausible that subcortical WML, by interrupting these connections, can cause mood alterations.

We used the cut-off of 16 points on the CES-D 31 to define the presence of depressive symptoms. This bias, however, would lead to underreporting of depressive episodes, especially in people with the more severe WMLs, and as such an underestimation of the relation between WML and depressive episodes.

This study relates structural brain alterations 171 the white matter with indicators of current depression and history of depression. The Zoetermeer study is a population-based prospective cohort study among 10, persons aged 5 to 91 years at the baseline year that was originally concerned with prevalence of various chronic diseases.


Of the persons who reported previous depressive episodes, met our criteria for depression, and of these, remembered the age of onset. Sign in to customize your interests Sign in to your personal account. Wir bieten Ihnen an: We invited subjects aged between 60 and 90 years who were randomly selected in strata of age 5-year stratasex, and study from a larger pool of subjects in the appropriate age groups from the 2 primary studies.

Create a personal account to register for email alerts with links to free full-text articles. Another implication regards the possible prevention of late-life major depression. ldnze

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Because cognitive impairment, cerebral atrophy, and a history of stroke have been related to WML as well as measures for depression, 2627 we adjusted for these possible confounders in additional analyses. Standard exchange service New systems lemze to 24 months warranty.

Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Sign in to make a comment Sign in to ,enze personal account. In addition, we found a relation between a history of late-onset depression and severity of mainly subcortical WMLs.

Subcortical atrophy was measured by the ventricle-to-brain ratio ratio range, 0. Collectible Card Games 1.

Cerebral White Matter Lesions and Depressive Symptoms in Elderly Adults

Details concerning the Rotterdam Scan Study have been published previously. The study was conducted among Dutch persons aged 60 to 90 years.

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We found that subcortical WMLs especially related with indicators of depression. This relation was found for subcortical as well as for periventricular WMLs, although more strongly for subcortical WMLs.