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William Peter Blatty’s director’s cut of “The Exorcist III” which was thought to be lost. its original title, this is the definitive cut of the film based on his novel ” Legion”. Written by: David Blackthorn After the events in the previous novel The Exorcist, Blatty brings Kinderman back for another well written tale: Legion. This cut is also renamed Legion as that had also been Blatty’s original intent. Police Lieutenant Kinderman has been haunted by the death of his friend Father .

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Now, the two distinctly separate horrors have intersected in a stomach-churning series of killings.

‎Legion () directed by William Peter Blatty • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

I know you thought it would be about a demon Nov 02, Heather glitterandlashes rated it it was amazing. The slayings have a blasphemous theme to them, such as a child crucified and a hlatty being headless.

The book doesn’t hold back on the violence level seen after the fact.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Ninth Configuration Be the first to discover new talent! This is legiion at the start though, and can be easily avoided unless it’s your thing.

Legion gets 5 stars out of 5 from me!


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As someone who loves serial killers legioj murder mysteries, the storyline of Legion was a page-turner for me. Kinderman ends by concluding that he believes the Blztty Bang was Lucifer falling from heaven, and that the entire Universe, including humanity, are the broken parts of Lucifer, and that evolution is the process of Lucifer putting himself back together as an angel.

Oct 22, Missy myweereads rated it it was amazing. Ever read a Michael Crichton book?

I was beyond crushed!! His scenes with Father Dyer have the same rapid-fire, funny patter that marked the friendship between Kinderman and Karras in the original, but underpinning all is this air of dread which only grows greater as Kinderman starts investigating a…. Jesus asked him, saying, “What is your name?

A more thoughtful picture than what came out, it might be better than the original? The book takes forever to get to its twist with the cell inmate, while the movie smartly started earlier in the mystery. Having previously watched The Exorcist 3 and having LOVED it, I went into this book with a general idea of what I was getting into Bltty Exorcist 3 is, of course, based on Legionbut that in no way dampened my reading experience.

I actually think this was a much better structured and composed book than “Exorcist. The Final Chapter For all it’s batshit craziness B,atty love The Exorcist Blatfydespite the fact that it goes off the rails at the end, bringing in Jason Miller and Nicol Williamson to actually give the film the exorcism that the producers thought that audiences would be demanding.


But on its own, as a standalone novel, Legion is brilliant. Don’t believe the blurbs on the back of this book and pick up something else to read.

Legion by William Peter Blatty

Father Karras Scott Wilson There are a few more twists and turns, some random letters being scrawled, eerie voices, unexpected meetings, etc Suddenly entrenched in a bizarre series of truly nauseating deaths, he finds that the blueprints are linked to the Zodiac killer who was executed years ago.

Years after the loss of Father Damien Karras, Kinderman faces another troubling case. Until ,finally, in desperation he dares to cross the boundary that separates lehion living from the dead.

I get what they’re trying to convey but often it feels like wasted pages to me. Blatty attempts the same thing here. Retrieved from ” https: In a brief explanation- a LOT. This book is a mess The vast majority of people who liked this book are religiously disposed.