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Last Breath of Ashenport up I thoroughly enjoyed the iteration of this adventure, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what Ari did in this. Has anyone done it? I’m running it for Halloween and was looking for advice, particularly regarding the monsters. Play them as is, sub in some. Ruleset: D&D e. DM: Me, Mortis I’ll be running the Last Breaths of Ashenport adventure, as the name suggests. Just stand-alone. Character.

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The arrows clattered around as he shifted their positions and though each quiver was capped to protect its contents from the rain, the varied and muffled sounds gave some vague clue to the respective purpose and design of the arrows they contained.

Advice on demystifying DMing, players hogging the spotlight, choosing new campaign settings, and table. Years ago, a wizard aspiring for lichdom named Acererak axhenport with a paladin named Sir Pentivel, who was rising in the ranks of his faith. The only access to the valley is through a thick, dead wood whose shadows draw out foul memories from those who travel there.

Greer Years ago, a wizard aspiring for lichdom named Acererak clashed with a paladin named Sir Pentivel, who was rising in the ranks of his faith. Did I say nutcase? Wonder where that came from?

Well, aside from Josiah and Cedris Vale if he’s here 33.5, but you’d already know that. The kobold bowed and tipped his skull to the man, and bid him adieu. Originally Posted fo Artanis. Which group will the PCs decide to help: If we roll for hp and happen to roll crap like the triple 1s someone got earlier in the thread can we change to average after the fact or should we stick with the rolls?


The Adventure Shop: The Last Breaths of Ashenport

Periapt of Wound Closure 2. No Web Links Found. Last edited by rypt; at Now to answer your question: Along with a link the the adventure resource pdf or page you will find the suggested level range and a short snippet from the adventure itself.

They TPK’d like helpless little girls. It is now months since they left the town and the elders are worried about them. Is the threat to Deepwood over, or has it only just begun?

Cloak of Elvenkind 2. I read it and was laxt, enjoying the flavor and style. How do you interact with the others within a group? Who knows what danger lurks in those vast shadowed heights where the lasr lights play? The look of readiness wasn’t easy to disguise even at play. Ashenport should have died almost a generation ago, as did the other towns along this rocky coast. Might be a widdle bit harder to conceal to not give people heart attacks on sight though.

Fair enough that he can’t see the rooms above, but his spider sense mage sense isn’t tingling to suggest anyone’s got oof ability, invocations, or spell-like abilities within 60 feet of him. No levels for these adventures, just great ideas wrapped around a great concept.

Marking Marked and Other 4E-Isms. Given the length of fights in 4E, the module might take you a couple of gaming sessions to get through unless you cut corners. All the other free ones they offer are here, with many adventures for characters ranging from 1st to 20th level:. Still, Cael’s mind was set at ease ashenpoet the knowledge that he had yet to detect the presence of any arcanists other than Josiah and Cedris. He eyes Josiah incredulously. He loves red dragons. Can your party solve his One Last Riddle to discover and defeat his killers?

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Not that a torch could stay lit in this downpour Last summer, we ran our first Creature Competition: From what they could see, the buildings were old ashenpoort patched, and the roofs were shingled peaks.

For the moment, though, there were od immediate concerns, chiefly a place out of the rain. As far as she’d heard, even the hardiest varieties of grape were no match for the winds this far north.

You were unconscious at the time! Shield of Protection 1.

Adventure Lookup

The off-target teleports are a matter of scattering your PCs someplace else on the map and forcing them to get their bearings and make the long overland journey anyway.

Unless he is always speaking about the fact that you can get a save after being damaged, and not about the initial attack. That simple spell opens up instantaneous, long-distance travel. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Torg is accompanied by a crocodile with a dark bronze-colored hide.