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Learn about the causes of gingival enlargement and some of the benefits of LightScalpel CO2 laser gingivectomies. Laser gingivectomy for treatment of gingival hyperplasia. A, Presurgical view. B, Ten days after the laser procedure. The cause of the hyperplasia was lack of. One of these is gingivectomy and it is the main topic discussed in this article. It is a dental procedure that is done with a hard tissue laser or old gold standard.

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This study was done to examine the differences between using Diode laser and scalpel in performing gingivectomy, and to evaluate the differences in bacterial count in the surgical area and patient perception regarding the need of taking pain killer following the surgery and the presence of discomfort during eating and speech.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Tongue-Ties and Sleep Issues and More! Procedure done by Dr. Group 2 show significant differences in plaque and gingival indices between the visits. YAG and CO 2 lasers must be understood to avoid collateral damage, but in properly trained hands these devices are quite effective.

Laser Gingivectomy

YAG laser[2] Er: YAG gingivectmoy allowed for precise control of the gingival gingviectomy and placement of a restoration. Made in the USA. The thermal effects gingibectomy diodes, Nd: The mean of the plaque index in Group 1 was 1. Retrieved from ” https: One of the ways to remove excess gingiva is through CO 2 laser gingivectomy.


Gingival Enlargement Gingival enlargement can result from either hyperplasia or hypertrophy. In Laser the biopsies revealed densely fibrous connective tissue with fewer inflammatory cells and clearly re-epithelization suggestive of good histological healing. Although he has numerous lasers in his Discomfort Click here to View figure.

Neoplastic enlargement benign or malignant tumor. Some other benefits of CO 2 laser oral surgery include less post-op swelling and discomfort, reduced scarring due to decreased activation of myofibroblasts at the wound margin in comparison with a scalpeldiminished risk of infection, shortened procedure time compared to diodesand smoother recovery.

Diode Laser Versus Scalpel Gingivectomy | Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal

A significant increase in the plaque index and the gingival index had been seen in patients with conventional gingivectomy when comparing the means at the day of the surgery and after week at the removal of the periodontal pack, this could be explained by the presence of periodontal pack which act as retentive factor for plaque leading to gingival inflammation.

First of all the surgery was easier and quicker in Laser than conventional gingivectomy. While the disadvantages of scalpel are need of giving anesthesia, bleeding that result in inadequate visibility and the incision cut is not sterilized.

This article needs additional or more specific categories. For many years, scalpel were been used in performing gingivectomy in which small surgical blades and other periodontal surgical instruments were used to cut the tissue and place the gingival margin in a more ideal position 4.

Laser gingivectomy is a dental procedure that recontours or scalpels the gingival tissue to improve long term dental health or aesthetics. Have any questions about LightScalpel lasers? Scalpel has advantages of easy to be used, precise incision with well-defined margins, the healing is fast, and there is no lateral tissue damage. Copy the following to cite this article: The biopsy taken immediately during the conventional gingivectomy shown dense fibrous connective tissue stroma and stratified lsser epithelium while the laser biopsy showed necrotic epithelium and burning like appearance with no clear demarcation between layers.


Seven days later, second biopsies were taken, in conventional gingivectomy moderate fibrous connective tissue with dense inflammatory infiltrated cells. Bacterial growth in Group2 Click here to View figure. Do you want to continue logged in?

J Am Dent Assoc.

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Rapid healing and reduced pain are commonly seen post operatively and patients rarely need periodontal packing or sutures. The better control of laser, less post-operative inflammation and pain and the improved healing in the surgical site all are the benefits of using laser in surgery.

The nearly “cold cutting” effect of erbium tissue interaction creates a remarkable post-operative course. Hypertrophy is an increase in volume of a tissue caused by enlargement increase in size of existing cells. Lasers in Dentistry—Current Concepts.

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