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Kathleen McGowan (born March 22, ) is an American author. Her novel The Expected One The third novel of the series is The Poet Prince, published in , focusing on the life of Lorenzo de Medici. Each novel of the series features . La Esperada by Kathleen McGowan, , available at Book Depository Maureen viaja hasta Occitania, la tierra donde sigue vivo el legado de los. La Esperada (Spanish Edition) () by Kathleen McGowan and a great Ahora, el evangelio que ella escribió amenaza de nuevo a la iglesia.

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I recommend to everyone. Ssperada voy a leer los que siguen! Trivia About The Expected One I felt this book was a master piece, well written, well researched, and to me at least personally called to me. The process is based on the six-petalled rose depicted at the center of the Chartres cathedral labyrinth.

Together they produced the internet radio program “The Spirit Revolution. I suspect that some people who read this astonishing book already consciously or subconsciously prejudged the contents before reading it, absorbing it, and imagining “other” possible historical realities.

Great job Kathleen McGowan! That can also be said for political ideologies espeeada well. During the frequent rainy periods animals would climb up into the straw experada the roof to stay warm or perhaps chase after a mouse or rat and due to the saturation of the roof from the rain on occasion the roof would collapse and it would rain cats and dogs. There are “conspiracy theories,” secret societies, the teachings of Mcgosan and his followers, and quite a few moments where you hold your breath waiting for what’s going to happen next.

Lists with This Book. The book weaves the story lines of present day descendants with those of Jesus and Mary, and what they deal with in keeping the teachings alive against all odds. I read and re-read at least thirty of the poor ratings on this book and am flabbergasted at the reaction and review others gave of this book.


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I would love to know. It just makes sense.

Through the Gospel we learn that Mary was married to Jesus her second marriage and they had two children. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. I really do not intend to add to the con Truly amazing read. While I won’t share all of my thoughts and observations, I hopefully will be able to share a few that make sense. Open Preview See a Problem? In rural communities the usually stone houses with thatched roofs had a lean-to built on the side for shelter for the domestic or farm animals.

In the Church proclaimed that she wasn’t the great sinner as the Pope suggested, but instead was one of Jesus’ most celebrated disciples.

I have to say that it was a very good novel, right up there with Dan Brown books which I love and, honestly, maybe even better. Such a beautiful love story. Suggested to me by Susie Brown. Her trip to the Languedoc region of France will be life-changing–for Maureen, and everyone else involved.

I welcomed the opportunity the author presented to understand the political, social, and familial pressures that many people were experiencing at that time. If one were to believe in all aspects of written works as literal rather than at times figurative, one would run to the window and expect to see cats and dogs falling from heaven.

La Esperada

I’m sure that it’s a book my mom would tell me I’m going to hell for reading we are both esperadq Catholicsbut I just can’t help myself. Videos About This Book. This book was wonderful. I believe there is a higher power, yet I believe religion and science should agree or one is flawed.

When I previously used the word brain washed I meant it in very general terms, and I am sure many of us are affected by our upbringings and surroundings whether we are truly aware of it or not.


Book ratings by Goodreads. Great book I’m reading this trilogy for the third time. I really do not intend to add to the controversy nor insult anyone. On katyleen second side note, the author calls herself a “antiacademic” – defining her “radical belief” that it is “irresponsible to accept what was written down.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms mmcgowan Use and Privacy Policy. Many historians and scholars know that in AD when today’s Bible was assembled, the priests had more than 40 gospels to choose from to illustrate Jesus’ teachings, but only chose four. At a loss, Maureen esperaada to her cousin Peter, a Jesuit Priest, who has always been there for her and helped her through.

Kathleen McGowan

Reads like The DaVinci Code and is interesting to see how they put real-life art into the story of Jesus and his followers. I might offer an analogy: With the way this ended answering all questions, but opening it up with just enough new information to leave me filled with more questions you bet!!

Little does she know she’s embarking on a path that will change her self and world irrevocably.

Retrieved from ” https: Looking for beautiful books? Events continue to unfold mysteriously, with Maureen following along. What I loved most, however, is how eloquently the author took biblical “villains” and made them human with a role to play There are so many things that I would like to say about this book. Con los Ojos Cerrados Gianrico Carofiglio.