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Anul aparitiei: Caracterele 2 vol. Stoc anticariat ce trebuie reconfirmat. Adauga in cos. La Bruyere. Caracterele 2 vol. Editura: Pentru Literatura Universala. La Bruyere în Caracterele. grosolănie, totuşi o femeie se uită pururi la un bărbat ca la un bărbat şi, la rândul său, un bărbat se uită la o femeie ca la o femeie. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Les caractères, by Jean de la Bruyère This Quelquefois aussi il sait feindre le caractère le plus conforme aux vues qu’il a et.

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There is some danger in making fun of people. See page 43, note 2.

Time, which strengthens friendship, weakens love. A former gallant either fears or despises a new rival, according to the character of the lady to whom he pays his addresses. Women accuse men of being inconstant, and men retort that women are fickle. II never arrive at perfection, and, if possible, surpass the ancients, but by imitating them.

Jean de La Bruyère – Wikipedia

They will be informed that people crowded the street only to be thought in a hurry ; that there was no conversation nor cordiality, but that they were confused, and, as it were, alarmed by the rattle of coaches which they bryere to avoid, and which drove through the streets as if for a prize at some race. The Works of Monsieur de La Bruyere.

Though we have made best efforts – the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience. But such a character brought on the stage, made to brutere for any length of time, during one or two acts, and depicted as natural and as like the original as possible, will be as dull and as tedious as it well can be.

I do not ask if she makes presents fo her children who already are opulent, but if, having wealth enough and to spare, she provides them with the necessaries of life, and, at least, gives them what is their due? This translation seems to have been very successful, for the sixth edition, the only one I have seen, was published in two volumes in 1 7 1 3: Carcterele from ” https: Voiture and Balzac are now deservedly cracterele in oblivion.


Is he at last engaged to Cesonia, who has so long pursued him, and who has sacrificed for him such a large number of lovers, I might even say, the entire flower of Rome? caracyerele

Jean de La Bruyère

What the people call brhyere is the facility some persons have of speaking alone and for a long time, aided by extravagant gestures, a loud voice, and powerful lungs. The imitations of the ” Characters ” into English are — 1.

A faithless woman, if known to be such by the person concerned, is but faithless ; if she is believed faithful, she is treacherous. It seems that antipathy changes oftener into love than into friendship. If it be a happiness to be caracgerele noble parentage, it is no less so to possess so much merit that nobody inquires whether we are noble or plebeian.

It is a weakness to love ; it is sometimes another weak- ness to attempt the cure of it. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. And if it were not so, or if he had not dreamed or imagined it to be so, would he think of making you believe it? Comparisons of a river flowing rapidly, though calmly carwcterele uniformly, or of a conflagration which, caractereel by the winds, spreads afar in a forest, where it devours oaks and pine-trees, gives to them not the smallest idea of eloquence.

Full text of “The “Characters” of Jean de la Bruyère”

He began by making himself esteemed, and ends by making himself 1 Our author’s note says, ” A pretended pious woman. Often a former gallant wants nothing but the name to be the husband of the woman he loves ; if It was not for this circumstance he would have been dismissed a thou- sand times.


He sees nothing good and sufficiently efficient in such a poor superiority to engage his affections and to render it deserving of his cares and his desires ; he has to use some effort not to despise it too much.

This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. It is possible to enjoy some people’s confidence, and yet not their affections ; he who possesses these needs no trusting, no confidence ; everything is open to him. Eloquence may be found in conversations and in all kind of writings ; it is rarely found when looked for, and sometimes discovered where it is least expected.

Is it a figure of speech? But, perhaps, you know that he is no longer young? There is no love, however violent, raging in the heart of a young woman, but there is still some room left for interest and ambition. Cartea Romaneasca Anul aparitiei: Lcnginus him- self says that anything which leaves us food for thought, which almost carries us away, and of which the remembrance is lasting, is subiime.

I am of their opinion, and believe him not always free from blame ; but it seems that none of these two can see anything good in him.

They ought to have a pure style, and, in truth, employ a suitable phraseology ; moreover, their phrases should express noble, intense, and solid thoughts, and contain a very fine meaning. Up to the present time there exists hardly any literary masterpiece bruysre is the joint labour of several men.