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Hello to everybody, This is my first post here although I have been following the forum for quite a while! I’ve been playing blues and rock on guitar for years and. This garbage pick four-string tenor guitar accompanies Kurt on “Polish Song” (” The Guitarteachers and authors of guitar methods like to argue over what the ” best” here allows for example in the book “Intervallic Improvisation – The Modern. Learn how to play 5 cool guitar licks in the style of Kurt Rosenwinkel.

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However I’m wondering if at this point if there has been a method series made rosenwinekl can rival the Bill Leavitt series that I could get my students to go through, anyone know? About 1, different voicings in all positions and drops are presented, including complete 3-note and 4-note voicings with specially designed guitar diagrams. Or not ; that chart alone is worth the price of the book.

You know, learning by making and correcting errors. Oddly enough I knew this one and that it had come straight from a rusty metal drawer in the Berklee Guitar Department no offense – I loved Berklee. Practicing To Kurt practicing creatively is the key to everything. Piano and saxophone players commonly use this concept.

With all the information out there, there’s always a risk of becoming overwhelmed. A Modern Method for Guitar by William Leavett Vol is a classic that builds a solid foundation to go anywhere on guitar. Some systematic practicing in a traditional sense stood at the beginning of Kurt’s career such as for example playing modes in position in risenwinkel keys.


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Do you have any other better method book to suggest? I know exactly what they are! If you can get through all three you’ll have some serious skills at your disposal.

Very often, the person asking this question would also turn out to know impressive three standards It’s kind of like kneading dough. Thank you for your answer.

His preference for semi-acoustic guitars, with an emphasis in the midrange, stems from methor highly developed sense for sonic balance within his trios. Floatingbridge on “Guitar method book suggestions for newbie!

Thanks for your answer!

The Kurt Rosenwinkel Forum ยป Topic: Guitar method book suggestions for newbie!

As rosenwinkl as books, George Van Eps, Mick Goodrick, there a number previously discussed elsewhere on this forum which was helpful to me. Various humorous stories have been witnessed such as wild hotel lobby fights over who gets the piano while touring with drummer Jorge Rossy Ave building with “Stella”.

I’m with Sheryl Bailey’s ‘Bebop Dojo’ highly recommended! If you do let him touch the keys it’ll be some rosenwijkel before you can get him off again. Ive already been through the first book of those.

The Music of Kurt Rosenwinkel: Kurt Rosenwinkel Guitar Method Book

Browse the Latest Snapshot. I kinda feel that those books are a bit obsolete and im really confused. On some recordings an additional mike captures his falsetto voice that he employs to accompany his lines as well as the top notes of his voicings in unisonconsidered by Kurt an integral part of his sound.


When I ask myself what are my weaknesses? Even though Kurt acknowledges harmonic analysis and substitution as very interesting topics Kurt continues to recommend to such students to rather first memorize as many standards as possible.

How to use them in an organized way or let’s say a standard remains a mystery to many. Asked by my astute and unforgiving students about his pinky that he likes to rest on the picking guard, Kurt replies that this is something that does indeed tend to tighten up his right hand on faster tempos and that he is working on changing that.

Insights are to be shared. NJanoff on “Guitar method book suggestions for newbie! This mathematically constructed collection of intervallic octave divisions can be found in many ambitious musicians bookshelf.

Is it not the most exciting book, its about doing serious learning. That is going to be the long haul task and challenge along with other things that have nothing to do with this that are deserving of further attention!