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Kniha Mormonova [Czech Book of Mormon] [Joseph Smith] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tradiční postoj o autorství knihy Mosiáš zastává názor, že text proroků byl redigován (zpracován) dějepiscem Mormonem. Články v kategorii „Kniha Mormonova“. Zobrazuje se 30 stránek z celkového počtu 30 stránek v této kategorii. Kniha Mormonova · Zlaté desky. 0–9. 1. Nefi · 2.

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We had to use dictionaries to figure out his responses to our questions though. That was super cool. TaiwanHong KongSoutheast Asia. One person we taught was a guy that had just got home from his mission in the Czech Republic. Retrieved 22 June He has a problem with Alcohol so this will be fun to work with him and watch him change.

My teacher Bratr Nelson gives tours to people around the MTC and our class got to go talk to his group. The Book of Mormon has been translated in its entirety into 96 languages. Also, Summer Chappell is here! Retrieved 22 January Democratic Republic of the Congo.

ZimbabweZambiaBotswana. Netherlands AntillesAruba.

I just mormonvoa to keep reviewing it so I don’t forget it! I guess we do most days We will be Skyping members in the Czech Republic and teaching them a lesson.


We also invited him to come to church, so far he has kept all of our commitments. We also had TRC!

There are people being prepared for me to come and they don’t even know it yet. YapFederated States of Micronesia. He bore mormonovx powerful testimony. I learned that if we push ourselves to the edge, God will help us fly, and that is when the miracles happen. We taught Pavel his fourth lesson. Full translation announced, [44].

My companion, Sestra Hodgson told Petr I was sick. One key take away from today was that I am on the Lord’s time, therefore, I need to make the best use kniiha it every single day. The Translation of the Book of Lniha into Welsh”. I’m not excited to learn the 7 different ways they case things. Joseph Smith suffered so much persecution for what he believed, yet he stuck it out.

I just love her to death!

List of Book of Mormon translations

Sestra Guymon Czech Flag. United StatesCanada. Czech Republicformer Czechoslovakia. Thursday, August 9, Ahoj!!!

Kniha Mormonova zdarma |

I am sure President Nelson will talk about that in the upcoming General Conference, so watch for that! Retrieved 24 March We got a new investigator today, who is really our teacher It talks about being Hunters and Fishers of men. The spirit was so strong and at the end of the lesson, we invited him to pray, his sweet, simple prayer was incredible.


Elder Kearon was a convert to the church and he told us that he would not be where he is today, in the Seventy, if it weren’t for persistent missionaries. We met our new teacher Sister Heap. He was so strong this week and didn’t go out to drink with his friends. Everything here is super fast paced! I love TRC even though they are a little scary. Archived from the original PDF on We went to relief society, district council, then sacrament.

We discussed the importance of the Book of Mormon. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Justin complimented our Czech and said we had come a long ways since last week. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? I learned that the Provo temple is designed after the story of Moses and how he led people through the wilderness with a pillar of fire and a cloud. We also taught a new person named Ales.