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Interview mit Lüftungsexperte J. Schrader zum KfW-Antrag the way also the case for the benefits for the construction-accompanying program (Program )!. The KfW-Programme offshore wind energy provides loans and financing / Programmuebersicht/KfW-Programm_Offshore-Windenergie/Antrag,_Formulare KfW Förderbank; +49 0; KfW website; info(at) Anlage- zum-Kreditantrag-KfW-Umweltprogrammpdf.

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Frank at Thursday, For the efficiency house 40 and 40 Plus, the ventilation system needs to be interpreted according to the nominal ventilation DIN — which is also useful for the other standards.

The agency bank then exclusively communicates with the KfW. The Amtrag house-standard therefore names the difference between the primary energy consumption of the project to the EnEV reference house.

Loan KfW Programme offshore wind energy Antrqg An optimistic planning grants you the highest possible funding rate. What do aerospace and a decentralised ventilation have in common? EUR million per project up to 70 percent of overall external capital requirements, max.

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Next you will need to take this printout to your bank that grants you safety for the KfW. This is important to benefit the health of my customers and their tenants as well as to protect the building stock. This process is thoroughly electronic and therefore only takes up little time. In lager cities or at popular streets the air is likely not the cleanest. Antrah operator The plant operator has to pay back the loan. This is by the way also the case for the benefits for the construction-accompanying program Program !

Therefore do not get scared because of the first statements but ask until you understand everything. Companies under restructuring or in difficult situation in the meaning of European Community Guidelines for State Aid for Rescue and Restructuring of Companies in Difficulty are excluded.


It is a long-term and low-interest loan during a period of 20 years including a 3 year repayment-free start-up period. What is the meaning of the different efficiency house standards at the KfW and what specifics have to be taken into consideration for such an application? Moreover, a commitment fee of 0. Loans, repayment bonus or investment grants — the range of possibilities is vast.

Who wants all these pollutants inside their home? Do not fill out! The most important step antraf to contact an energy consultant who is listed with the KfW. Request references from your energy consultant to get an idea of how experienced they are in advising you with a KfW funding. Your local banc consultant can inform you about which safety measures apply between your bank and the KfW.

Project companies wanting to invest in offshore wind farms in the German Exclusive Economic Zone or in 12 nautical-mile zone of the North and Baltic Sea.

That is because for the ultimate certification, you can always adjust to a lower efficiency housefor example from KfW 55 to KfW 70, but never from the worse to the better and therefore not from KfW 70 to KfW What you need to know and how the KfW-funding works is explained in the following interview with the experienced building energy consultant Joachim Schrader, who is active as a ventilation expert and energy consultant since and gave advice to countless projects with KfW-funding.

Our department for research and development took findings Planning and construction manager of the passive housing estate Koblenz-Asterstein. You will shortly get feedback on whether the application was successful or where need to adjust things.


Die Anforderung ist und war: Comments 3 Nicole M. How do you as energy consultant advise your customers in respect to the controlled ventilation of living spaces?

The pensioner and former technical railway officer Rainer S. Oftentimes it is said that the financing of your project with the KfW is not desirable – does not pay off, too complicated, no visible advantages, too much kw these are the common reasons. Next to other variations of controlled fkw, the decentralised ventilation units are fundable as well.

And this is what determines the possible amount than can be funded with the KfW. When is the time to submit such an application?

Besides, this is valid for every system – regardless if it is centralised or decentralised. How are KfW applications granted?

Project financing is granted in different forms:. Under the KfW-Programme only offshore wind power is eligible.

Renewable energy policy database and support: single

Thank you very much Mr. Additionally to the construction documents, that need to be kept, the report of the antdag consultant is crucial for the payout of the funding — this is valid for every funding you want to apply for find further information here.

For that matter I recommend to aim at the optimistically highest standard for the application.