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Erken Türkler içinde ETRÜSKLER çok önemli bir yer tutar. Erken Türk tarihi konusunda yaptığı araştırmalarla tanıdığımız Sayın Kâzım MİRŞAN. Kazım MirşAn. 49 likes. Book. Kazım MirşAn. Privacy · Terms. About. Kazım MirşAn. Book. 49 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for. 0 references. country of citizenship · Turkey. 0 references. name in native language. Kazım Mirşan (Turkish). 0 references. date of birth. 4 July Gregorian.

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Of the Four Corners cardinal directions the tribes Syngly sing acclaim. The third, like I. What was the world in the 5-th century BC? Sak Sakaswear by the name of your people! Kuznetsov, simply find it to be a Russian script and language. Do you want to tell about yourself? Reportedly untranslatable 13 Bekzhanubiri Iranian? Issyk Inscription 1 Pl. One whose Majesty you praise became an arrow belonging to the cosmos He is Zeus ascending to the leadership like winning a race, to achieve cosmic seat is the appellation of adopted name.


Transcription Transliteration Normalized Transliteration Translation 1. Thank you very mach, and excuse if I hurt some religious feeling.

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The heroes as willingly-joined volunteers, raise up to heaven, Reach eternal peace! Volunteer heroes, rise to the heavens, To reach the eternal peace! Word would carry voice and glory of praising the Eren to the heavens i. Things are boiling like in a communal kitchen where from one common bag of potatoes every one is cooking his individual dish from a list of tasty potato meals.

In memory of Koch white house Ugushgu for Oguz chieftain lit. AD based on dogmatic beliefs and other methods of scientific prudence. Artik ingilizce yazismaya gerekmiyor. Be a worthy ruler.

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Radiocarbon tests dated the age of the finds to the fifth century BC. For geologists, engineers, economists, and other disciplines this method does not work, but for linguists it is working as a clockwork, the dead are stubbornly silent, linguists do not understand the lingo of each other, and each creates a product in his own private universe.


Others – Not available.

Mon 3 Apr Some other crusades extend from ridiculous to unethical. Beautiful reliefs of animal design ornamented the shields, the belt and the front of the hat.

Akzim message will appear upon administrator’s approval. For a complete analysis of inscription by Prof. Warriors of the two heroes of the thirty-two clans on six ash stay in hundred banners.

Erken Türk Devletleri ve Türük Bil – Kazım Mirşan – Google Books

Tue 4 Apr Bekzhanubiri, transliterate the inscription, leaving to others to make a sense of it. Progenies [shall have] food!

Sak Sakanirsan your oath in the name of the people! Three hundred mourners oath drink give an oath. Farewell, tigrahauda, eat this oil, now hunger 18 Kotova IE? Motilal Banarsidass, Rjabchikov, Sergei V.