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Sivagamiyin Sabatham (Tamil: சிவகாமியின் சபதம், Sivagamiyin Sabatham, lit. ‘The vow of Sivagami’) is a Tamil historical novel written by Kalki. Listen to and buy Sri music on CD Baby. Download Kalkiyin Sivagamiyin Sabatham by Sri on the independent record store by musicians for musicians. Stream Sivagamiyin Sabatham – Kalki – Read by Sri, a playlist by tamilaudiobooks from desktop or your mobile device.

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Only Kalki can blended fictional characters – Naganandhi and Sivakami – with real history though his reading at that point in time, it correlates well with Tamil literature of that time the way he has done.

I never thought of reading a full book before, but it Many thanks to Kalki for bringing me the habit of reading books!!. Cant wait to start 2nd volume.

Sivakamiyin Sabadham is a historical Tamil novel set in 7th century South India written by Kalki in This glorious city was famous all over Bharata Kanda, and a young Paranjyothi is seen approaching it with a bikshu he met en route, to study and live here.

Feb 28, Mohan Iyer rated it it was amazing. But this growing romance between the prince and the sculptor’s daughter does not have the approval of the king. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Naganandhi believes that he should be ruling the country, something he forsook when he took up the Buddhist way of life.

The plot revolves around the historical events of the Chalukya king Sabatha II playing a siege of Kanchi and Narasimhavarman avenging this by attacking Vatapi the capital of the Chalukyas. May 09, Shakir Shakiel rated it it was amazing. That was one hell of a ride. Other kalkiyjn characters paranjothi,mahenthra varmar father of narasima varma. But he ends up saving the damsel Sivagami and her father Aayannar from a mad elephant by throwing a spear at it, almost by reflex.


Meanwhile, the differences between the brothers Naganandhi and Pulikesi increases. But it’s not Kalki’s fault, I think. Pulakeshin visits Ajanta to take part in a cultural festival and at that time Narasimhavarman reaches Vatapi.

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This naive, young man is sent on a mission, way before he can start his discipleship under the Aayanar, something which he came to the city for, in the first place. Under his rule, Kanchi was a peaceful city known for its great patronage for arts like sculpting, dancing, painting and also home for highly educated scholars.

When Paranjothi is fast asleep, Wajrabahu changes the content saatham the letter that Paranjothi is carrying. Meanwhile, en route, Paranjothi meets a soldier, Wajrabahu, who gives him company till the inn where they decide to stay for the night.

Meanwhile, Pulikesi, an able and valorous king of Chalukya dynasty hears about the glory of Kanchi and sets his heart to plunder the city.

Sivakami is taken as a captive by Pulikesi and circumstances forces Mamallar to take over the kingdom from his father and he pursues the task sabathzm decimating the Chalukya kingdom. Then you can read the book in cloud.

Kalkiyin Sivagamiyin Sabatham (Tamil) by Sri on Spotify

Kalki is an era and thanks to my friend who recommended to read this. Naganandhi tries to assassinate Narasimhavarman but is locked in a room in a temple by the quick wits of Gundodharan. Paranjothi leaves sivagaamiyin Pulakesi’s camp with some soldiers accompanying him.

Kalkiyib, now crowned King, is married to the Pandya princess, Vanamadevi. Other significant characters are Paranjyothi, the commander of Pallava kingdom, Naganandhi adigal, Shatrughanan and Aayanar. He decides to camp outside the fort as long as it takes since he believes that the stockpile of food would soon run out in the fort forcing the Pallava king to surrender. Though it’s sabathqm fiction, there are several historical facts which give preview of beautiful era of Tamilnadu.


The city was known in ancient days for its forward education and the arts. Jun 03, Prabhu R rated it really liked it. At night when the soldiers are asleep Paranjothi escapes with the help of Wajrabahu who takes him to the Pallava camp.

Mar 14, Vijay Raj rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kalki’s this masterpiece should be essential blueprint for writing historical fiction. The plot revolves around the historical events of the Chalukya king, Pulakeshin IIlaying a siege of Kanchiand Narasimhavarman avenging this by attacking Vatapithe capital of the Chalukyas.

The tamil is mesmeric and the audiobook makes it more magical with background music and explanation for Tirunavukarasar songs was so beautiful.

Naganandhi confesses his love for Sivagami to a shocked Pulakesi, who promises to take care of Sivagami. For this I bow to the great author Kalki.

Such literary class is rare to see. To comply with the Wikipedia quality standardsthis book-related article may require cleanup. Immediately I bought his other books, ponniyin selvan and sivagamiyin sabatham they are astounded then I switched to similar kind of novels and grew frantic in reading.

Sivagami comes from Mandapapattu and performs in the royal assemblage after being ordered by Mahendravarman. Such an enchanting story entwined with real history would be a delight to see on screen!

Going for Parthiban Kanavu. Under the able leadership of the king, art, music and culture flourish here.