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Buy the JVC RMLP55U RM-LP55U at Full Compass. The JVC RM-LP55U is a remote control unit for KY-F55BU 3-CCD All-Purpose Color Camera (Less Lens). Effective March 1, JVC Professional Products Company is offering to extend the Manufacturer’s Warranty to 3 years (parts & labor) at no charge on the. Only when the frame rate of the [ SlotA_B Frame & Bit Rate] and [ SlotB_B Frame & Bit Rate] items in the [Record Format] menu of the camera recorder is set to.

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When the H phase is set using a remote control unit, only the H phase of the SD signal is activated. Selecting and Performing Operations on Multiple Clips. The composite output can also be provided when playing back recorded high definition material. Power 9VDC Provided by the camera.

In this mode, the GY-HM continually records up to 20 rm-lp55u in cache memory. Focus and zoom operations cannot be performed using the remote control unit. No additional cabling is required. The complete shot sequence is instantly available as a single clip.

JVC RM-LP55U Camera Remote Control (Handheld)

Turn on the power of the camera recorder. Home Professional Video fqxzqcwawcydxwdqaeve. In the record mode, audio level indications, battery remaining “fuel gauge” when using digital rm–lp55u and estimated time remaining for each memory card are displayed in the viewfinder.


It is specially designed to reduce surface reflections and glare to maintain a clear, visible, bright view during outdoor recording. After playback, the last image is retained freeze until the menu is reactivated. The per-minute cost of SDHC memory is comparable to professional video tape. The lens has improved lateral and longitudinal chromatic aberration characteristics and is ideal for full x vjc.

Functions Operable from the Remote Control Unit

Safe area indications are available for popular aspect ratios including 2. A serial digital interface means there’s no quality loss, even with razor sharp graphic overlays. Recording in SD provides a time-saving alternative to down-conversion of HD material for SD broadcasts, which is still an industry standard in many rm-l5p5u worldwide. Special Order Update Location close.

JVC RM-LP55U Camera Controls & Accessories

Any advertised discounts or savings will still apply. Attaching the Lens Supplied. Designed to mount to the camera using the optional SA-K bracket, it is equipped with a large tally indicator, and screen hood. We will authorize your payment method for the full advertised amount when you jv this item, but you will not be charged until your item ships. The handle has been redesigned for better carrying balance, and to accommodate wearing gloves in cold weather.

Modular Design The GY-HM is equipped with a pin chassis connector that allows various modules to be attached to the unit without external cabling. In the relay mode, the camera automatically begins recording on kvc second card when the first card fills up. Unlike some oversized hand held models, the GY-HM becomes part of the shooter similar larger cameras but without the fatigue associated with them.


It takes only seconds to set the eight menu items: Moreover, SDHC media is the first practical solid state solution to physical archive. Marker and Safety Zone Displays.

Please check your local sales tax laws. The camera features an “image flip” function that corrects for the inverted image produced by prime lenses. Display Multi function backlit display. The signal will always be in the format being captured or played back. This feature offers a fundamental advantage uvc professionals with time-sensitive SD workflows. This item is noncancelable jvcc nonreturnable.

A fully digital interface provides all of the camera’s viewfinder indications: Changing the Settings via a Web Browser. Manual lets the videographer set the portion of the image to monitor. Connect the remote cable of the remote control unit to the [REMOTE1] terminal located at the terminal section of this camera recorder.