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José Míguez Bonino was born in Santa Fé, Argentina, in and began his theological studies twenty years later at the interdenominational. José Míguez Bonino (far right) at the WCC 9th Assembly in Porto for the life and work of renowned liberation theologian José Míguez Bonino. José Miguez‐Bonino. Rev. Dr. J. Miguez‐Bonino is President of Union Theological Seminary, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This article first appeared in Spanish in.

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Recent discussions on economics seem to be the best illustration of this ideology; our hopes are rationalized by the data that we can feed into our computers. But we cannot simply accept the defeatist pessimism which has become so mesmerized by the apparent josse of the technological knowledge and globalization of the system that gives up all hope of change.

Chapter 13: The Struggle for Justice and Peace, by Jose Miguez Bonino

Bonino is considered one of the founders of Latin American Liberation theology[3] [5] and he was committed to a political ethic focused on the poor and the defense of human rights. He sought to link the biblical theological conception of the Gospel with social concern in the cultural sphere. Don’t Miss a Thing! Required Field Not a valid email. As Christian people and churches engage in this struggle, they have to decide where and in which ways their participation can be most meaningful.

As international or internationally-related institutions, they have the possibility of developing networks of concern, solidarity and mutual support bonono peoples and groups engaged in struggle for justice and peace in different parts of the world. The Hebrew Psalmist expresses it poetically: If we fail to take this place, God will find other participants. In these rather general notes we have tried first to look at some of the basic points of departure for a Christian consideration of issues of justice and peace.

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Secondly, we have to look at ways in which Christians personally and Christian churches and organizations can most significantly enter the struggle.

Indespite not having party affiliation, he was elected to the Constitutional Assembly that carried out the amendment of the Constitution of Argentinain which he participated especially in social and human rights issues.

It can only be perceived through the technical instruments today at our disposal. I will just mention some possibilities in order to open a conversation.

José Míguez Bonino – Wikipedia

This book will help Roman Catholic bishops to understand better what they used to call ‘Protestant sects,’ and it will help the very different Protestant groups to understand their mission in an ecumenical and bonlno way.

Request a Review Copy. We can close this brief biblical recollection with three very simple reflections that can help us to make a future step in the consideration of our subject:.

Biblical Reflections on Shalom,p. He looks at religious developments bonuno a sociological as well as from a theological perspective. These last lines bring us to the bottom line in the emergence of liberation theologies — whether Korean, Philippians, South African, Black, Tamil or Latin American.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. It has to be recognized that the deterioration of conditions and the process of mass marginalization produced by the globalization of the mguez model is producing a certain amount of demoralization in certain Third World areas and that some too sanguine expectations of the Sixties and Seventies have to be reassessed.

Consequently, someone is wronged in these acts: Inhe left teaching to pursue further study at Union Theological Seminary in New Yorkwhere he obtained his doctorate in with a thesis on ecumenism. Peace and justice can only be understood, re-created and defended from the perspective of the poor and oppressed.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 17 Mayat Bonino was very influenced by the ideas of the social gospel. Faces of Latin American Protestantism.

Oppression is a complex reality. Old Testament Studies Criticism. It shows that, by a dialectical use of Marxist theory he is able to rediscover a basic and essential Christian understanding of history which requires that Christians be actively engaged in its shaping. Old Testament General Works.

José Míguez Bonino

While such quest is difficult and will have to be reorganized many times, we can suggest some tentative criteria to be considered. Thirdly, the insufficiency of the system to produce by itself the relation between economic growth and migudz participation.

Eerdmans Publishing Company, All rights reserved. The impact of these visions on the life of peoples seems to be diverse and at times ambiguous: New Testament General Works. It then becomes clear why the Bible speaks of the mercy and the judgement of God: We all know there is a primary socialization that develops in the first years basically in the home and a second socialization, which reaches a significant point in adolescence and youth and which takes place through church, neighborhood, school recreation as a struggle for identity and personhood.