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trated in figure 2, include the National Command. Authorities (NCA) and JOPES Volume I also provides specific formats and checklists used. Cjcsm a Jopes Vol 2 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. a Jopes Vol 2 -. [PDF Document] – cjcsm. 03a 31 december. joint operation planning and execution system volume ii.

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Joint Operation Planning and Execution System Vol. 2 | Public Intelligence

How are PTs structured? Who determines the PT requirements at each location? The two AEF fundamental principles are to provide trained and ready air and space forces for national defense and secondly, to meet national commitments through a structured approach which enhances total force readiness and sustainment.

The joint deployment process begins when planning is initiated for force projection operations in response to an jipes or event that requires protection of US national interests. S upports the planner and warfighter. It is used by the joint planners to monitor, plan, and execute planning activities during peace and crisis. The purpose of mobilization planning is the means by which organizations charged with mobilization responsibilities define policies and document procedures to accomplish tasks.

Pass complete!

Crisis Vvol Planning Procedures. It provides a conceptual template for the conduct of future military operations and establishes a common azimuth for the Services, combatant commands, Defense agencies, and Joint Staff as they develop plans and programs to evolve the joint force to meet future operations requirements.

Individuals may request retention on active duty because of all of the following -personal hardship.


UTCs by definition define capabilities. Joint doctrine promotes a common perspective from which to plan, train, and conduct military operations. The IDO is appointed for a minimum period of 18 months with the exception of short tour locations where the minimum period will be 12 months.

UTCs are built to accommodate how many days of sustained capability? To flip the current card, click it or press the Spacebar key.

War planners use UTCs to document total Air Force manpower and logistics requirements needed to support the national military strategy during operational planning and execution activities. Personnel unit type codes UTC are generally built to accommodate how many days of sustained capability before having to be resupplied or augmented with new supplies or personnel? The formula of 1 personnel technician per individuals is used as only a guide.

The supported commander performs these activities with assistance from assigned supporting combatant commands, Service component commands, Services, and combat support agencies. Allows users at different sites to access common data sources, as opposed to identical data. Global Force Management GFM is a process to align force apportionment, assignment, and allocation methodologies in support of the defense strategy and in support of joint force availability requirements.

Includes a classified supplement.

During deployment and redeployment operations, the supported commander must build and validate requirements, determine predeployment standards, and balance and regulate the transportation flow. Activation relates to what? In the event a member is stranded in a crisis area with no communications available, members are encouraged to report their status to any responding agency.

The air expeditionary group is normally the smallest AETF presented to a theater because a single AEG rarely includes sufficient command and control and expeditionary combat support to sustain it in the field.


In these cases, the supported commander must ensure that all required actions from each CAP phase are completed whenever possible. Who will each MAJCOM and NGB direct to ensure all wing commanders and geographically separated units GSU have evacuation plans and tracking procedures in place to account for all personnel in the event of a natural disaster or national emergency?

Among other capabilities, it integrates: UTCs are represented by a 5-character vo code. Activation relates to recall, volunteerism, and call up.

Joint Operation Planning and Execution System Vol. 3 | Public Intelligence

Specifically this publication describes the Joint Operation Planning and Execution System JOPES functions and the environments in which planning for and executing conventional and nuclear joint military operations are conducted.

This publication sets forth planning policies and procedures to govern the joint activities and performance of the Armed Forces of the United States. It will provide the combatant commander a complete picture of the battlefield and the ability to order, respond and coordinate C2 information i. Name the five elements of total force accountability.

The JSPS provides the means for the Chairman, in consultation with the other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CINCs, to systematically review the national security environment and US national security objectives; evaluate risks and threats; assess current strategy and existing or proposed programs and budgets; and propose military strategy, forces, and programs necessary to achieve national security objectives in a resource-limited environment.