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READERS GUIDE. Questions and Topics for Discussion. INTRODUCTION Amongst Women pulls us into a tight family circle with its first sentence: “As he. Buy Amongst Women Main by John McGahern (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. John McGahern was born in Dublin and brought up in the west of Ireland. He is the author of three collections of short stories and six novels, including Amongst.

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Return to Book Page. Perhaps amobgst are meant to draw their own conclusions about the characters’ inner states and motivations based on nohn text as McGahern wont “tell” us directly. He in turn charms and terrorizes his family and as harsh as that sounds I found myself admiring him in some ways.

View all 8 comments. This particular relationships is set up I think to show how the political is personal, the historical is personal, and it is also to a certain degree allegorical. What happens if this kind of idealism is lost?

The Mookse and th It is written in beautifully clear prose. He died from cancer in Dublin on March 30, A character study of an aging father okay, like me. He cannot come to terms with his role as pawn, and so he becomes the master of his own kingdom, his little home, and refuses to let the outside world in except by way of his children who are allowed to bring little pieces woen the outside world in, filtered as they are through the eyes of people he trained in how to see and mcfahern to say.

McGahern connects nationalism, Catholicism and patriarchy in an unholy trinity. The main themes dealt with here are:. View all 13 comments.

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Amongst Women (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

Some things never change, no matter the time period or location. Trivia About Amongst Women. Everyone except Luke turns up at his funeral and acclaim him as ojhn truly great and heroic man.

But Moran’s eldest son, who left and never returned, leads a life very different from Moran’s, but has an air of intensity and withdrawal that sadly hints at his father’s. The incident rather pathetically demonstrates his present impotence, yet he himself uses it to illustrate his connection between intimacy and mastery:. The novel shows that Moran’s contradictory behaviour is a personification of the contradictions of postcolonial society.

The callers continued coming to the house throughout the day. We see this in a scene where Moran is driving a mcgaherm when a pheasant, unseen by him, is trapped under the blades and it’s legs and wings shorn off. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

He thinks that his time in the IRA was the best of his life, and misses the security provided by the military’s structure, rules, and clear demarcation of power. Aug 11, Kathryn Watt rated it did not like it. Moran is a widowed veteran of the Irish wars of independence who runs a small farm with his five children.

McGahern himself lived on a lakeshore and drew on his own experiences whilst writing the book. Do we need another book with a domen father?

Why do children continue to love and remain devoted to abusive parents? Over and over again the newspapers are spread johb the floor, Moran spills his beads from his little black purse, and wommen kneel in prayer. Michael Moran, father of five and widower remarried, draws people mcgaherm familial mcgahefn through a dark and dangerous and magnetic moodiness.


She loves him deeply and when he treats her badly she is quick to assert her rights.

Amongst Women Reader’s Guide

A reversal of gender roles takes place as brother and husbands, seen from a patriarchal perspective, are transformed into wives.

The Rosary is peculiarly identified with Moran and it is a very clever device used by McGahern to emphasise the narrative repetitiveness, which is a feature of this novel. But it has that feeling of horror and air-less-ness. He also uses the rosary as a weapon to establish his control in the house.

A large part of the fascination the handsome Moran holds for Rose and for his daughters is sexual. This book was a gift from an Irish friend some years ago. How many times has a friendly, wise, personable woman decided to align herself with a man who is anything but? I think the author’s best achievement was to describe the aging process of this man who had so much influence on those around him.

Amongst Women by John McGahern

She is quietly tolerant of Moran’s mood swings, even when he verbally abuses her. The clue is in the title. What keeps Michael from running away from home permanently like his brother Luke?

The movie focuses on Benny Hogan and her best friend, Eve Malone. Their attendance at his funeral strengthens this bond between them even more. And here is another hitherto unknown to me to add to the list: