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The book also features an innovative analysis of Luther’s virulent anti-Semitism in the context and aftermath of the Reuchlin Affair. Johannes Reuchlin. REUCHLIN, JOHANNES° (Capnio, or Phorcensis; –), German and Hebraist; one of the architects of the Christian *Kabbalah and famous as the. A re-examination of the case of Johann Reuchlin, one of the best-known controversies of the 16th century.

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Reuchlin, Johannes°

Reuchlni did not long enjoy his victory over his accusers in peace. He was interested in the reform of preaching as shown in his De Arte Predicandi —a book which became a sort of preacher’s manual; but above all as a scholar he was eager that the Bible should be better known, and could not tie himself to the authority of the Vulgate. Keep Exploring Britannica Karl Marx.

About this time he appears to have married, but little is known of his married life.

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see reuuchlin similar or related subjects are covered. The controversy came, by order of the pope, before the Bishop of Speyer, who in decided in favor of Reuchlin. The matter was brought before the Lateran Council at its session ofwhich decided in favor of Reuchlin.

In, and Reuchlin issued pamphlets defending his own position and the value to Christian scholars of Hebrew literature. In Reuchlin was acquitted of charges of heresy by the bishop of Speyer, but his enemies then managed to transfer the case to Rome.


Reuchlin soon left Basel to seek further Greek training with George Hermonymus at Paris, and to learn to write a fair Greek hand that reuhlin might support himself by copying manuscripts. Ulrich von Hutten and Franz von Sickingen did all they could to force Reuchlin’s enemies to a restitution of his material damages; they even threatened a feud joahnn the Dominicans of Cologne and Spires. Reuchlin evaded the demand, but he could not remain neutral.

Johannes Reuchlin and the Campaign to Destroy Jewish Books

The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Reuchlin’s, Vienna, ; Schaff-Herzog, Encyc.

The emperor rescinded his edict of destruction on May 23, In he was nohann a short time enrolled in the University of Freiburg. About this page APA citation.

Reuchlin, Johannes°

From November of this year to the spring ofReuchlin sought refuge in Ingolstadt and taught there for a year as professor of Greek and Hebrew. He also formed the acquaintance of the bookseller Johann Amerbach, for whom he prepared jkhann Latin lexicon Vocabularius Breviloquus,which ran through many editions.

Unlike Erasmus, however, Reuchlin had no strong personal bias against the Jews. He became the first man in the Western world of his era to teach both the original languages of the Bible, as well as immersing himself in both Greek and Hebrew literature.

Reuchlin’s enemies, however, attacked him with even greater savagery, finally securing a papal condemnation of his position in Armed with this mandate, he visited Stuttgart and demanded Reuchlin’s help to execute the decree.

Reuchlin studied at various universities, specializing in Greek and publishing a Latin lexicon in — Reuchlin’s reuchljn on subjects of specifically Jewish interest are: But his Greek studies had interested him in those fantastical and mystical systems of later times johanj which the Kabbala has no small affinity. The German humanist and jurist Johann Reuchlin was one of the greatest Hebraists of early modern Europe.


He was involved in a great controversy concerning Hebrew literature that culminated in the famous “Letters of Obscure Men.

His connection with the count then became permanent, and he received important posts at Eberhard’s court. Reuchlln World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. Armed with this mandate, he visited Stuttgart and asked Reuchlin’s help as a jurist and expert in putting it into execution.

Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website jogann an instant download. Inhowever, his De Arte Cabbalistica addressed the topic more directly.

He left no children; but in later years his sister’s grandson Philipp Melanchthon was like a son to him till the Reformation estranged them. He was willing to receive corrections in theology, which was not his subject, but he could not unsay what he had said; and as his enemies tried to press him into a corner he met them with open defiance in a Defensio contra Calumniatores He published with Friedrich Engels ….

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