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In The Third and Final Continent by Jhumpa Lahiri we have the theme of change, connection, control, identity and struggle. Taken from her. The Third and Final Continent. By Jhumpa Lahiri · June 21, P. The New Yorker, June 21, P. Short story about a married. The author of the story collection Snow in May chooses a contemporary favourite from Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Interpreter of Maladies.

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After his wedding, he hardly realizes his new status as a married man till he declares the fact to Mrs. Croft has a ritualistic habit that enables the two contient bond but makes the reader think that the old woman is somewhat senile and eccentric. There is also a sense that the narrator knows that he is on a journey. The Sitting Bee, 29 Apr.

In this way the romanticized version of the West is brought down to size by showing the everyday mundaneness of immigrant life. Something that is noticeable by the fact that she on several occasions reminds the narrator that America has put a man on the moon.

Croft, and the juxtaposition of the extraordinary news event of the coontinent and the ordinary events of life. There is a sibling-like relationship conrinent the two, with Mrs.

Short Story Analysis: The Third and Final Continent by Jhumpa Lahiri – The Sitting Bee

We also see the dutiful son, who can not only do the duty, but is able to face the less savory tasks of cleaning the excrement off of her and touching the flame to her temple. The fact that the narrator and Mala are also American citizens could be important as it suggests that they have embraced life in America while still not forgetting India.


Getting used to his environment and just as Mrs Croft is a proud American. Facebook Twitter Email Print. It is also interesting that the narrator follows family tradition when he marries Mala. The moon-landing itself also evokes images of space travel and exploration making the lahiru extraordinary journey synonymous with that of the narrator.

The themes explored include identity, marriage, immigrant anxieties, East versus West and the second generation immigrant.

“The Third and Final Continent”

Ensuring that their son is able to speak Bengali. He later begins to feel his bachelor lifestyle would end when Mala comes to live with him. Initially it is fragmented but towards the end it begins to settle.

She provided a balance for him between his old and new home. It is mostly about the immigrant experience, and the habits by which our narrator learns to cope with the U. The narrator while living with Mrs Croft and afterwards makes a connection with Mrs Croft. One of the great modern characters. He is amazed tgird she is one hundred and three years old and knows that Mrs Croft is from a generation that has long passed by. However, he does become more caring about the old woman when he gets to know her actual age through Helen.

Read a sample story.

Here is a simple, sober, straightforward, storytelling—yet there is an underlying thirrd that elevates it. His studies in India prepare him for work, but it is probably the case that there is nothing for him there—thus the sojourn to London. This sentence never fails to move me to tears. Something he does not necessarily like.


Jhumpa Lahiri: ‘The Third and Final Continent’

He is also living in a country in whereby things are culturally different. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The tone in which he thinks about her has the same underlying sweetness that is there when he thinks about Mala and his contineng in the later part of the story.

Remember two aspects of the presentation in the lecture–the parallel between the mother of the narrator and Mrs.

The Third and Final Continent by Jhumpa Lahiri

Though it seems that both the narrator and Mrs Croft may have very little in common. This may be important as the narrator is most likely used to a woman preparing his food for him. It also looks into the extent to which this story works within cotninent short story genre.

Croft becomes, ina sense, the eyes through which hesees Mala that he is able to lahirj some sympathy for her. Mrs Croft appreciates modesty. Summarily, from the impression the reader gets from the picture the narrator paints, she seems to assimilate well enough.

In the beginning travel defines his identity by agitation; later marriage provides a sort of stability.