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Though more staid (i.e. European) and fantastical (i.e. science fictional), J.G. Ballard’s collection Vermilion Sands nevertheless takes a. “All summer the cloud-sculptors would come from Vermilion Sands and sail their “J.G. Ballard is one of the most accomplished creators of. Vermilion Sands: J.G. Ballard: Sands; these were collected in Vermilion Sands (). His short-story collection War Fever () contains humorously.

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Vermilion Sands

Sonic Sculptures, Plants that hum and whine Beethoven, Buildings that shift and change according to the moods of it’s inhabitants, Wind Sculptures that cut clouds into faces ballaed gliders, pirates that sail the sand seas among sand-rays and crystal groves. All shared a common theme so it was good to read together.

Ballard mines an uncanny valley of psychology, not where the physical appearance of an object is too human, bu J. It is a cheap, tacky world, not unlike a tawdry Ballxrd Vegas or Palm Springs, populated by futuristic artists and cultural has-beens.

Vermilion Sands () –

For instance, the stories feature an overabundant amount of rather vapid love affairs between the first-personal male and some beautiful female. I next read, The Wind from Nowhere, which pictures mankind forced to live underground to avoid the ever increasing winds that scour the Earth’s surface.

It is time to take him at his word and see where they lead. Even those stories portray his unique writing style, his moodiness, his ability to describe the settings J. Not only is this available in hard copy and Kindle, it is also available for a single credit on Audible, providing 65 hours of thoughtful listening pleasure, read by excellent veteran narrators.


This could be taken figuratively to mean that the subject matter of the cermillion should be psychological.

Vermilion Sands (1971)

Compare a line like: As fitting as it may be, the hollow and volatile excitements of life in a desert resort lack depth. Possibly my favourite Ballard book. After all, computers and the Internet and digitalization has constantly forced us to rethink the possibilities and forms of art. Such incidents are commonplace, even trifling, in the desert resort called Vermilion Sands.

All the stories are set in an imaginary vacation resort called Vermilion Sands which suggests, among other places, Palm Springs in southern California. Ballad presents some unique and ultimately strange ideas in this collection. The past is enshrined in us, of course, and our minds contain the materials of huge mythic quests formed probably long before we were even born, probably at the moment of conception.

Moreover, different psychoanalytic systems generally assign differing significance to any given symbol. A whole set of unconscious mythologies are nestled and bal,ard into one another to produce this individual, who will then spend the whole of his life evolving and fulfilling the private mythology for himself, and setting it Repetition defines this collection.

Where will we be, when the summer’s gone? Compare and contrast with the cover here: Despite having been composed over 15 years with four or five novels and possibly hundreds of other stories in between, the story cycle that makes up this volume are surprisingly, exquisitely cohesive. But many consider his best work to be his huge catalog of short stories, many of which were pivotal in the New Wave SF movement in th Vermilion Sands: Want to Read saving….


He is not a writer or realism, and though his stories are narrative, the characters vermilliion plots are often so interchangeable that they become irrelevant. Posted by Jesse at 5: Clothes reveal the inner psyche, sonic sculptures replay voices which mean nothing and everything, and the fabric of the living space Vermilllion is Ballard amped up to eleven.

Preface to Vermillino Sands, Such an interpretation is at hand, and it is Jungian. May 20, Stefan Grieve rated it really liked it Shelves: But that’s a minor complaint when the stories end Excellent.

These stories are some of sqnds best of Ballard – mesmeric, colourful imagery and eccentric people. Rich people sail the sand seas in sail ships. In the preface, Ballard himself wrote: Hi I like Ballard and really enjoyed Vermillion Sands, I think the fact the Ballard set a number of stories in the same town really allowed him to work through a number of his themes from different angles, tweaking and embellishing them as he moved through the stores.

Vermilion Sands | work by Ballard |

Jul 18, Rebecca Gransden rated it liked it. Refresh and try again.

I’ve always had the distinct impression that reading him would feel like chewing sand.