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I pippener also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your children, puppenger your livestock, and make you few in number. Then I was pointed to some who are in the great error, that the saints are yet to go to Old Jerusalem before the Lord comes. According to JP, apparently not. More specifically, the statement did not constitute God showing her that the paganism position was correct, as is claimed by its advocates. Cookies added by Google Analytics are governed keff the privacy policies of Google Analytics.

I will destroy your high places, cut down your incense altars, and cast your carcasses on the lifeless forms of your idols; and My soul shall abhor you. Such a view is calculated to take the mind and interest from the present work of God, under the message of the third angel; jrff if we are to go to Jerusalem, then our minds will naturally be there, and our means will be withheld from other uses, to get the saints to Jerusalem. If you destroy that answer, you destroy Adventism!

Before I do, let me clarify a few things: And pipenger verse 31 in Daniel 11 it says: Why don’t we have an understanding of the verses of the book Daniel?

No Answers to the group.

And it is evident that you ask the question because you believe the Spirit of Prophecy advocates the All the timeline prophecies of Daniel and Revelation have different starting points in history and land roughly for their end-points in the period from to Is the Sunday law the close of probation? The characteristics and deeds of that grand masquerade are listed. And yet there is good news: Through study and faith they step into the Most Holy Place, and the heavenly sanctuary that had been eclipsed by the papal system is now rediscovered.


I would simply point out that whether I lack discernment or not, I have still made a number of points that deserve response. These are the 16 questions: If fact, I plead with you in this regard.

Steve Wolhberg Responds to Jeff Pippenger

This will not happen to the USA. When we come to the New Testament a frequent point is made of telling us that the one who came to save us is the one who is our Creator John 1: Forces will be put in motion for the cleansing of the sanctuary. All agree that the sanctuary needing to be cleansed in verse 14 belongs to God.

When I have cut off your supply of bread, ten women shall bake your bread in one oven, and they shall bring back your bread by weight, and you shall eat and not be satisfied. Although you said in your letter that you do not expect a response from me, and I appreciate the pippenver from obligation, I would like to respond nonetheless. Then I will address Leviticus 25 as the context to chapter It has been presented to me that this is not a subject of vital importance.

What is the significance of the prophecy of the years and why are they no longer relevant today? The Great Controversyas her definitive work regarding the end-time message, tells the history of the Millerite Movement, the Advent Movement, the opening of the Most Holy Place, and the recovery of the great truths of the gospel jrff had been lost sight of through the long years of papal supremacy.


Letter to Jeff Pippenger – No

Pagan Rome knew nothing of this. Some advocates of the paganism position way over-shoot the mark by suggesting that their position is the one affirmed by Ellen White and that anyone who takes the other position is rejecting her inspired authority and thereby dismantling Adventism.

The casting down of the truth is a summary description that includes all the damage done by the little horn. But, I do know that jefv on EGW wrote. Her silence is eloquence. But what we do not see is the above-described condition of Israelite affairs for a sustained period of years from precisely to It is the grand scheme of truth to which Leviticus 25 and 26 point.

Letter to Jeff Pippenger

I also want to be absolutely clear that I regard your position on the daily as a fully acceptable position to be held within the parameters of a viable Adventist historicism. With this reading, then we come to Revelation and find congruence with Daniel 8: All possessions and lands were to return to their original owners on the stated premise that nobody really owns anything, but that all things belongs to the Lord and He is gracious to cancel debts.

We also see during this same period of history a substantial intellectual and scientific prosperity among the Jews.

The point is this: