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A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Cobralingus by Jeff Noon. Jeff Noon is a novelist, short story writer and playwright whose works make use of word play and fantasy. Noon’s speculative. Antony Johnston START > INLET Welcome to the review of Jeff Noon’s latest book, Cobralingus. DRUG: HYPERBOLIN > ENHANCE Jeff.

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I like work that belongs to one writer alone, and this is Plath’s own, very personal realm, illuminated by her own personal language.

There are to be no flashbacks, no authorial voices, no dual narratives. This character is obviously a reference to Jimi Hendrix. The results are varied, sprawling about in unusual page layouts, but for the most part have gained something compelling.

Prior to his relocation in to BrightonNoon set most of his stories in some version of his native city of Manchester. Works by Jeff Noon.

Like the work of a machine, in fact. Losers predominate, searching for a way out. Lisa Lumdeedums rated it liked it Jun 17, The links are powered by Skimlinks.

But it is very much Noon’s work and, one suspects, a great deal of effort went into itand its success lies with his talents, well-employed in this unusual genre. Christopher Whipple rated it liked it Mar 15, And reading a book that puts a design of words on each page, as a sample of how the exercism turned out, is something worth looking at. If you love Jeff Noon you should already have read this book!


There are poems, photographs, quotations, areas of text printed upside down, almost blank pages, footnotes, an index, a playful use of typography. There are also references to popular musical figures, with two notable characters. We need to be brave in this, as writers, as critics, and as readers. If you don’t know his work read this after VurtPollen and Nymphomation.

Cobralingus by Jeff Noon

But, hey — whatever works. These are the dry, deft, slightly engaging tales that so many of our writers produce already, without cobrallingus rules other than fixed tradition.

However Noon wants to present his method, the results are striking and absorbing. I could also drug the language, using such concepts as Anagramethane, Metaphorazine and Fecundamol.

There is some danger here too: In another, a list of the landmarks of our moon, all the Seas, Bays and Lakes is blended with a shipping forecast as broadcast on BBC Radio, the numbers replaced cobralinngus key words, to arrive at a bee’s honeycomb arrangement of phrases.

Jeff Noon’s top 10 fluid fiction books | Culture | The Guardian

He’s painted over every single page, with a different design on every page, but leaving words showing through here and there. But Noon did not stay too long in the theatrical world, possibly because the realism associated with the theatre was not conducive to the fant.


House, hip-hop and garage recordings contain elements of jefg, scratching and sampling. Jeff Noon at his Nooniest.

Cobralingus And Text Remixing

You can follow the creative visions and linguistic processes of an author who explores the possibilities of language like no other contemporary writer. Preview — Cobralingus by Jeff Cobralungus.

It is perhaps a sign of the times that the author feels the need to couch artifice in such pseudo-technical terms though it is by no means a completely novel ideaas though doing so lends the resulting text s credence and weight. You are commenting using your WordPress.

And what is that? The pieces themselves vary in ultimate quality, but many of them achieve what I would call brilliance, and even the less-successful experiments show a verve and enthusiasm for the process of writing itself by virtue of their gleeful step-by-step revelation of the methods at work cobralinguus forming each work.


As readers, we need to bring the expertise we use when enjoying a film or a piece of visual art into our appreciation of the novel. Cobralingus sits apart from Noon’s other published works. There are no rules, only opportunities.