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Here are a few passages I found interesting in Jason BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation. Overall I recommend it highly, especially for Christians but. by. Jason David BeDuhn. · Rating details · 75 ratings · 13 reviews. Written with the student and interested public in mind, Truth in Translation aims to explain. Jason BeDuhn knows that adding “other” to the text does not show that [ BeDuhn, “Truth in Translation” p] So what exactly are objectors to.

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At the same time, they confine the Holy Spirit within human concepts of personhood by altering the meaning of Greek pronouns from neuter to masculine. And then reality sets in. The first issue is less certain, but it still must be mentioned considering the source from which the information is taken. That was the sense of the early assertion that Jesus was “of the same substance” as the Father.

All that we can ask is that a translation be an accurate starting point for exposition and interpretation. I have pondered why these two translations, of all those considered, turned out bsduhn be the least biased. To my knowledge, aside from Ray Franz’s brief account of the translation process in Crisis of Consciencethere is no record of the inside events leading up to the publication of the New World Translation. This will include the added words which BeDuhn has italicized. On the other hand, considering what Truth in Translation also says about the New World Translation in areas of its weakness, the Watch Tower Society will need to proceed cautiously when quoting Truth in Translation.

According to what BeDuhn is telling us, the Greek construction kai theos en ho logos “and god was the nason means something substantially different from that which is implied using the lower case English words “a god. It is simply impossible to translate the entire NT with no interpretive bias.

We want to know what the author intended to say, how the culture and language of the day made the book what it is. The book touts the NWT to be the most accurate translation, so it has become immensely popular with the Dubs.

YHWH does appear in the original Hebrew of these passages, and the only accurate translation is one that renders the name into some pronounceable form. It especially highlights several cases of theological bias in the translation process. Therefore, hopefully with both his and the readers’ understanding, this will give the author the opportunity to state his argument and avoid taking what he says out of context.


BeDuhn shows in his experiment that main stream Protestant Bibles are overly-influenced by the flawed King James Bible and the desire to find their own doctrines within the pages of the Bible. They cannot selectively use terms like kneel before to designate man, and worship to identify Jesus or God. Nine translations were chosen actually 7, the other 2 are paraphrases and therefore not true translations and comparisons were made as to strict adherence to the original intent of the language of the New Testament, or more correctly, the Greek Scriptures the books from Matthew through Revelation.

Written with the student and interested public in mind, Truth in Translation aims to explain what is involved and what is at stake in Bible translation.

The word eklesia is typically translated church because that connotes an institution which is useful to those wanting to control. Concern about the translation is nonsensical under this light.

BeDuhn has done an outstanding teuth of explaining and illustrating translation bias in the New Testament. In most cases, this may require the use of footnote explanations. To harmonize the Bible is to change one part to make it match another.

Jason BeDuhn

BeDuhn’s comment on proskuneo to worshipthough I would insist that it always be translated as “do obeisance” or “do homage” and let the context alone interpret when the New Testament writer is describing “worship,” even when it is homage before Trabslation. As a result, even though Truth in Translation is an important ally of the New World Translation regarding translation bias, in this appendix BeDuhn completely discredits the New World Translation ‘s most important claim tduth the name Jehovah has been appropriately restored in the Christian Scriptures.

I introduced this lengthy quotation simply to show the reader that in the best lexical material available, the word prototokos firstborn may also refer to supremacy of rank just as it does to origin in birth. Jason David BeDuhn, Ph. For that reason, we have been drawn into this debate on New Testament translation bias because many of BeDuhn’s examples are taken from the New World Besuhn.

As I said before, these translators were much more familiar and comfortable with their Latin Vulgate than they were with the Greek New Testament. Mar 04, Paul rated it jazon liked it Recommends it for: However, to maintain uniformity with other pages on our website, we have altered this to NWT without further notation.


It made me want to start taking classes in Koine Greek. Transaltion as any new idea, it was not a simple matter of looking up prescribed verses in Hebrew Bibles. Thank you, too, for your recognition that in this, the Old Testament portion of the New World Translation is entirely correct, and that the translators should be commended by all who review the New World Translation.

Truth in Translation : Jason David BeDuhn :

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He stops and clarifies that “of course” when he says “all things” he doesn’t mean that God himself will be subject to Christ, but all other things will be, with Christ himself subject to God.

One may conjecture that the stress on the fact that Jesus was the firstborn son of His mother is related to the emphatic reference to the virginity of Mary in 1: At very best, I will only be able to summarize BeDuhn’s main arguments before adding my own commentary. In [the] beginning the Word was, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a jaeon. The editors of the NWT are making a conjectural emendation when they replace kurioswhich would be translated “Lord,” with “Jehovah.

Terry Carpenter rated it it was amazing Nov 18, The other translations have followed an interpretive tradition that ignores the nuance in John’s choice of expression.

Truth in Translation : Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament

Thus, there is a constant pressure to complete thoughts when they might otherwise lack sufficient information to do so. The word kurios should always be translated “Lord. I strongly disagree with BeDuhn’s statement that, ” The Jehovah’s Witnesses [approached] the Bible with a kind of innocence, and [built] their system of belief and trufh from the raw material of the Bible without predetermining what was to be found beruhn.

It begins with brief treatments of the background to the Bible and its translation, the trutu approaches to translation, and the specific origins of nine translation versions in wide use in the English-speaking world tod Written with the student and interested public in mind, Truth in Translation aims to explain what is involved and what is at stake in Bible translation.