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The Compendium of Knowledge and Wisdom is the translation by Abdassamad Clarke of the masterwork of Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali, the Jami’ al-‘ulum wa ‘l-hikam. Jami’Al-Ulum Wal-Hikam: A Collection of Knowledge and Wisdom. 73 likes. The Compendium of Knowledge and Wisdom is the translation by Abdassamd. IBN KAJAD. JAMI AL-‘ULÙM. WAL-HIKAM. (A Collection of anowiedge & Wisuona). ابن رجب. جامع العلوم والحكم. Rendered into MUHAMMAD FADEL.

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It is generous by day and night Have you seen how much your Lord gave out in spending ever since He created the heavens and the earth while what He has in His Hand is not decreased?

Yet such goodness has many forms. This site uses cookies. Good statements are for good people or good women for good men and good people for good statements or good men for good women: There were many such scholars who did this with the intention of defeating others, or seeking high positions, or showing off to get the attention of people.

Email required Address never made public. It has a great influence to the degree that Allah sows the seeds of love and esteem in the hearts of the believers towards those who fear him.

That you will find the barefooted, destitute Thus, they carried the knowledge of Fiqh, though they were not knowledgeable. The nasihah for the Prophet peace be upon him was to exert effort in his obedience, support and aid, and spend wealth if he desired and speed to his love. Whenever wwl asked the Prophet peace be upon him about Islam, he mentioned to him the two testimonies, and the other pillars of Islam, as he said ulun Gabriel peace be upon him when he Gabriel asked about Islam, Thus, it becomes clear that the words of the two testimonies alone protect he who pronounces them, and by them he becomes a Muslim, When he enters Islam, and performs the prayer, and pays zakdhand upholds Islamic laws, then he is entitled to the Tights of Muslims, and is held accountable for that which they are held accountable.

It may refer to performing obligatory religious deeds. He may have mentioned it just to give an example or in order to clarify it. This has happened during many periods of Islam.


Ibn Rajab added eight hadeeth of the 40 Nawawee for.

Full text of “Jami Al Ulum Wal Hikam A Collection Of Knowledge & Wisdom”

Repent to Allah and beg pardon from Him. Allah is Rich free of all wantsOwner of all Praise. Where are the people who feared Allah? In the Holy Qur’an, Allah tells us that when a person abandons a sin, Allah forgives his sin and grants him repentance. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This requires effort to draw close to Him by performance of supererogatory acts of obedience, uluj leaving the unlawful and disliked.

Also focusing on hypothetical matters falls under what is prohibited and prevents seriousness in following what is ordered. When he returned, he had no money.


If Allah docs not forgive the sins of a worshipper, he will be overwhelmed by Hell in the Hereafter. Similarly, a man might perform the deeds of the people of the [Hell] Fire, while inside him is a hidden trait of the people of Uluj, This trait might overtake him at the end of his life and facilitate a righteous ending for him.

Then we made the nutfah into a dot [a piece or thick coagulated blood], then We made the clot into a tittle lump of flesh, then We made hkkam of that little lump of flesh bones, then We clothed sl bones with flesh, and then We brougth it forth as another creation.

Those who follow a middle course earn lawful money and they enjoy the pleasures of this life, but they perform the duties prescribed for them. You were pure while in the body. For whomever falls into ambiguous matters that are unknown to him as such, and did something which people think ambiguous with his knowledge that it is permissible in itself, then there is no sin upon him from AIM in that.

Based on this, the intelligent people from the time of the Prophet peace be upon him said that if they heard his speech and what he call after, they knew that was truthful; and ja,i he ukum with the truth; and if they heard the speech of Musaylamah, they knew that it was a lie, and that he came with falsehood. Whoever says it in the evening has thanked Allfth for this night.

It was authenticated by Al-Hakim, iami. After this period of one hundered and twenty days, the soul is breathed into it, and these four things are written For it. And come not near to the orphan’s property’, except to improve it, until he or she attains the age of full strength; and give full measure and full weight with justice, Ulu burden not any person, but that which he can bear.


Yet, they do not persist in such sins. Those who spend [in Allah’s Cause – deeds of charity, aims, etc.

Al-Kahf 82 The second one is more honorable as Allah will preserve the religion wsl faith of the worshipper. Rather, it is repulsed by it. These liadlths did not mention prayer, fasting, Zakah, Hajj or Jihad although all are better than financial charity.

Jami Al Ulum Wal Hikam A Collection Of Knowledge & Wisdom

In the speech of the Prophet peace be upon him as well as of early Muslim scholars, intention often is used in the second sense, that primarily means will or wish. An-Nisa 14: Allah set out to His wwl what they will see in the Hereafter as He says.

As for the cornerstones of Islam, both the rich and poorperform them. The best worshippers of Allah are those who perform voluntary and supererogatory deeds after performing the prescribed ones.

The Prophet peace be upon him created a protected sanctuary twelve miles around his city. Each organ needs a person to give charity for it as a way of thanking Allah for it. This is the opinion of Ibn Abbas and others. If you are fair with those who praise or condemn you, this indicates that your heart is full of love of Allah and that you do not care what His creatures may do.

If he has such a fault, this is considered as failing short of monotheism and it is even considered as hidden polytheism.

Punish us not if we forget or fall into ukum. Verily, Allah h All-Aware of what you do. Another sign is when you see those who are naked and barefoot become the leaders of people.

Whoever does not act in accordance with my teachings has not adhered to my limits.