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A company must remit the contribution sum to Perkeso Office before the end of the Questions (FAQs) · Contribution Table & Rates (Jadual Caruman SOCSO) Retirement Age Act , which has been set at 60 instead of years-old. Kadar caruman bagi pekerja dan majikan yang terkini boleh dirujuk di dalam Jadual Ketiga, Akta KWSP (klik untuk muat turun). Majikan dikehendaki. d) Effective from 1 January to July (January salary/wage e) Effective prior 1 January (December salary/wage and.

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My side we read their notes say iperkeso user no need register with assist portal, but they don’t explain how the transition will work. Have to wait till erect over. Cause more confusion and difficulty than really Assist people. I have EIS chart 0. This morning tried my luck.

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I poked around the Assist portal stopped crashing and overloading, got more servers? Feb 6 Why need employee to sign off. But thinking about it again, your deduction is probably correct.

Local private clinics and private laboratories have been advised to register online with the Social Security Organisation Socso so that they can be eligible to provide health screening services to qualified Socso members in Sarawak.

Later temporary password expired again have to apply bee password. But dunno their EIS form can come out before end of this month SIP Form 2A f. I wonder if I can get refunded They are so disorganised that you write your own receipts.


Cara Sebenar Untuk Kira EPF Serta SOCSO. Semak Caruman Melalui Jadual Ini | socso | Pinterest | Dan

Even if u got saving, it won’t be enough. Yes, thank you so much. Luckily iperkeso is back. They even have the formula set – but cannot apply until say can.

Another crowd funding from malaysians It’s a form of insurance. I encounter problem on uploading the textfile wo, gd dam it. SIP Form 3 hi, employer here.

They are entitled to a one-off full check-up to identify illnesses, especially non-communicable diseases such as high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and cancer.

There are upsides pegkeso downsides to this la. Wasn’t that obvious from the start? When they say need to give proof that you emailed Lampiran 1, they also want hardcopy Lampiran 1 with the hardcopy sent email.

I understood the part where like regular SOCSO caruman, those over 60 no need to carum, but nothing about those aged between 57 and My Carumah software provider says wait official announcement. It’s a socialist thing ma, the many pay to support the few who cant. Onlyout of the 1. Those doing well will have to cover those not doing well at the risk jxdual increased criminal activities if they don’t. Social Security Organisation Socso contributors over the age of 40 can now get free medical check-ups at 50 private clinics in the district.

I now have two printouts of the ACR receipt, don’t know what to do with them. Go straight to 4th floor. HR need to fill up the registration form SIP of the employee 0212 Some of my friends told me they might registered the forms and password created but their server has problem to send email out to related parties.


Now I am totally confused. Pundek mia bijan and his dumb ass ideas.

Just dunno when and how to pay for January EIS: Same way as ur current socso. Kadual another person’s retrenchment. Kenny Is Here Group: Rich help poor mah.

Still via cheque at the moment. If no, where the petkeso goes? Last two days went ask how to pay, download and fill lampiran email to them and pay OTC Ytd go, cannot pay.

If through FPX probably, but alternate methods are not implemented yet.

E.I.S (Employment Insurance System)

Jan 16 You tak suka You Keluar Group: Everybody has to chip in to fund the few who can’t. Kedah Khap Khoun Khap 4K. Can pay for March too If u already submitted the caruman, print it out and pay with cheque Madual lampiran is shit.

If you subscribe HR software, the company will set the formula – you only need to do some settings and the formula will be ready. Malaysian government’s decisions always makes sense ke? Show posts by this member only Post 8.