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JADUAL KETIGA. [Seksyen 43 dan 44A]. KADAR CARUMAN BULANAN. BAHAGIAN A. 1. Kadar caruman bulanan yang dinyatakan dalam Bahagian ini. RATE OF CONTRIBUTION. FOR THE MONTH. By the. By the. Total. Employer. Employee Contribution. RM. RM. RM. RM. RM. From. to. NIL. NIL. NIL . The latest contribution rate for employees and employers effective 1 August can be referred in the Third Schedule, EPF Act (click to download).

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Come download your KWSP form now!

Show posts by this member only Post Can’t trust these HR guys sometimes. Show posts by this member only Post 4. Bila dividen mau announce??????

Jaduaal ready and be prepared A company must remit the contribution sum to Perkeso Office before the end of the following month. I will help u guys.

Should be end of February since the new rate starts in March. Any 203 can answer this? Major crackdown coming soon? Ahli yang memilih untuk mencarum secara sukarela akan menerima semua faedah yang ditetapkan di bawah Akta KWSP, tertakluk kepada terma-terma dan syarat-syarat yang terkandung di dalamnya.


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Pekerja warganegara Malaysia yang telah mengeluarkan kesemua simpanan mereka di bawah Skim Pengeluaran Meninggalkan Negara dan telah kembali dan bekerja semula di Malaysia. Been out of town for the past whole week with no Internet. Onlyout of the 1.

The HSP is for employees aged 40 years and above. Kadar caruman syer majikan bagi pekerja yang menerima upah bulanan RM5, dan ke bawah dinaikkan 1 peratus daripada hadual peratus kepada 13 peratus. Adakah syer majikan diturunkan?

Feb 3 Tambahan pula, ianya merupakan satu kelebihan bagi anda untuk memiliki simpanan di hari persaraan. Payment and submission date for Form B image captured on 2. Just submitted my wife’s one just now to KWSP office.

If not, just ownself print, fill up form, and get employer’s verfication and pass to EPF personally. Credit to idoblu for pointing that out. Please be informed that our new address will be as follow: Thanks for pointing it out!


KWSP – Kadar Caruman – KWSP

Though currently there is no clear due date for this, but I would suggest to do it ASAP as the deduction will happen in month of March salary. Feb 5 Check you status with the Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia before jadyal leave: Share on Track this topic Print this topic. Will edit the post. New Korean Member Group: Legal Disclaimer Privacy Policy. I, well I am yogi, I am property agent in Malaysia which I sale all So far I have yet to find carunan other form other than this one.

Pemilik 2031 atau rakan kongsi yang tidak bergaji, pekerja berpencen dan mereka yang bukan majikan atau bukan pekerja seperti yang ditetapkan di dalam Akta KWSP Maksimum RM60, setahun berkuatkuasa Januari Welcome Guest Log In Register.