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Northern Jacana. Jacana spinosa. At marshy ponds from Mexico to Panama, this odd shorebird is common. Its long toes allow it to run about on lily pads and. Jacana spinosa. Cirujano, gallito de agua, mulita, jacana centroamericana. Information · Images · Ocurrences · Map · Literature. Loading. Northern jacanas (Jacana spinosa) range from Mexico to Panama, although they are sometimes seen into the southern United States. They occur mainly in.

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Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive. Public comments No comments yet Only members are able to post public comments. Jenni and Mace, Behavior Northern jacanas spinoea highly social and frequently occur in small colonies with a dominant female and 1 to 4 males. The male takes care of the nest and the chicks, whilst the female guards her territory dpinosa the males in it.

Fresh water marshes, swamps, pond edges, roadside ditches, lake margins, river beds and lagoons with aquatic vegetation May occasionally be seen in flooded fields or wet grassy areas Altitude: Males may be polygamous when new females arrive, but extra pair copulations are not known to occur when the female holds her territory. Threat displays are given by outstretching the wings and pointing them forward.

Only subscribers are able to see the bibliography. The jacana competes with jacnaa of a similar diet like the sora. Notes with high amplitude, note length, and duration are used when the bird is under physical attack or when it dpinosa fend off an intruding conspecific. A small number of them are found in southeastern Texas. The male incubates the eggs for 28 days. Iteroparous animals must, by definition, survive over multiple seasons or periodic condition changes.


This is most often given by males when his chicks are near. Males build a nest on the platform that was used for solicitation and copulation. For this reason, northern jacanas will attack purple gallinules when they see them in their territory. External sites may use a different taxonomy than Xeno-canto.

Attacks consist of aerial attacks and charging with wings spread on the substrate. Another peculiar aspect of this species is that the dominant female is polyandrous mates with several males – and she is often referred to as ” the prostitute bird. Several birds in the field next to the pond flushing back towards the water bird-seen: Login or Subscribe to get access to a lot of extra features!

Northern Jacana (Jacana spinosa) :: xeno-canto

The notes and their pattern depend on the urgency of the threat. Subspecies and Distribution J. Northern jacanas are highly social and frequently occur in small colonies with a dominant female and 1 to 4 males. Jenni and Collier, ; Kaufman, Key Behaviors diurnal motile sedentary territorial social dominance spinoss Home Range Northern jacanas have specific home territories that they use for breeding and feeding.

Young sinosa chicks are called downies and have patterns spniosa orange, browns, black and some white on them. At that point the male leads the nestlings to good foraging sites and continues to protect them. Although northern jacanas provide no direct benefits to humans, they are certainly a source of enjoyment for naturalist and birders.

A female jacana lives in a territory that encompasses the territories of males. Synapomorphy of the Bilateria.

The physical traits that allow them to “walk on water” are As in many other members of the order Charadriiformesfour eggs are typically laid per clutch. Jacana spinosa northern jacana Facebook. A male performs when jafana egg hatches and stands next to the nest to peer into it.


The back, undersides, and tail are dark rufous. The female jacana is around twice as big as the male, averaging By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In northern jacanas, males exclusively construct nests, incubate eggs, and care for the young. The male [3] constructs a floating nest [12] with whatever plant matter he can find. During rainy conditions, cool temperatures and times of increased cloud spiinosa, the amount of time spent brooding increases.

Spionsa are relatively dark overall; they have a black neck, head and breast. Male territories averaged 0. Jenni and Mace, ; Kaufman, Biogeographic Regions nearctic native neotropical native Habitat Northern jacanas inhabit many types of wetlands including; ponds, marshes and lake margins.

For this same reason, these birds have also been nick-named “lily trotters “. The northern janaca feeds on insects on the surface of vegetation and ovules of water lilies. Breeding Sppinosa and Food habits or the Wattled Jacana. The male broods the eggs for about 28 days to hatching.

Biodiversity of Costa Rica

The female may visit the nest site on occasion and shade the eggs. At the end of the recording, first male and after female. Betts and Jenni, ; Jenni and Mace, ; Sibley, Juveniles have a white supercilium and white lores.

Cosamaloapan de Carpio, Veracruz. The young are completely independent when they are about 12 months old. The platforms are then used as nests.