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The J Bus Line, formerly the G-Silo line, is a Unitrans route serving Anderson Road, Alvarado Avenue, and Sycamore Lane. It provides service. Transfers to other Unitrans lines are free and valid for 30 minutes from time of issue during regular service, and for 1 hour J-EX North Davis Express via Hwy. Center Island (Wb) →North Sycamore Loop (Nb) bus route by Unitrans (Davis) in Sacramento. Choose your stop or station for line J to see the full schedule.

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Also leads the Route Supervisors. Except where otherwise noted, this content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

UC Davis Mobile is a free app for iPhone and Android that untrans the real-time bus prediction data from NextBus and presents it in an easy-to-use package.

J Bus Line – Davis – LocalWiki

If a bus breaks down, they attempt to fix it. Buses operate less often and stop running earlier during finals week, breaks between quarters, and in the summer.

StevenDaubert says he has seen drivers chock the wheels of other buses as a prank, however it was very amusing when the victim just drove over the chock and continued on her merry way.

It provides service four times an hour during the day to the Unitrans Hutchison Bus Terminal terminal. Because of the California Air Resources Board’s regulations, Unitrans plans to retire all of the older diesel buses by the end of Inthere were overone-way trips recorded on the former G Line at which time it ran both to the Silo and MU Terminals.

Makes sure we look good out on the road. Umitrans Unitrans fleet currently consists of the following: The remaining ones have diesel engines. Linr you are boarding from a bus stop: Planning Manager – is a student employee in charge of route planning and changes for the annual Unitrans schedule. All drivers work a required minimum number of hours – usually around 15 per week. Office hours are Mon-Fri, 7: Note that this discount is only available at the Uunitrans office and not at other places where passes are sold.


We are a c 3 non-profit organization. The closest stations to Unitrans J Line are: Conductors are friendly faces that greet you on your ride with our unique London double decker buses, and ensure your safety while on board. Extra buses “tripper buses” are often sent out on this line in the mornings, to help pick up the most popular stops, such as the AlmondwoodLa Salle and the Synagogue informally Church stops.

How to get to Unitrans J Line in Davis by Bus | Moovit

In addition, old registration cards are no longer accepted as of November 1, How long does it take to get to Unitrans J Line from ampm by public transit? If your destination is not the terminal, please let the conductor know so they can ring in your correct stop to the driver. You can select your destination from our online map and Moovit will find the best available routes to get you where you need to go! Transfer slips are provided upon request by the driver.

Buses head SB 2 min walk. Find updated times for all the routes that are available with real-time step-by-step directions from Uunitrans J Line. Transit Conductor – the student standing on the vintage double decker platform waving the flag. Led unirans the Business Office Manager. In Unitrans, as it became known, began operating to serve the general public, and a partnership with the City of Davis including partial funding began.


This pass is available from the senior center. Add this badge to your website.

Arrival estimates can also be queried via SMS using your cell phone and can even be set to automatically page you. Moovit is the world’s 1 transit app.

How to get to Unitrans J Line in Davis by Bus

All buses that once sported this color scheme have been retired from the fleet and sold. Unitrans offers several discount passes available to community members prices are as of August Drivers are instructed not to stop.

Supervisors “supes” in the vernacular and Trainers must hold unirtans certain number of safe driving hours, must currently hold a prerequisite position within Unitrans, and must satisfy other requirements.

Or you can call an automated line and simply punch in your stop number Frequent riders may be interested in discounted passes and ten-ride tickets. Operations Unitrans has a few strange procedures which ensure safe and reliable service. Hop on at any of our Terminals or from any bus unnitrans in the city, be sure to have valid fare please!

That’s a lot of students. Below are some examples of these procedures.

Each bus’ route designations are on each vehicle’s destination sign located at the front, passenger side, and rear of the bus, make sure you’re boarding the right line!