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INTERNATIONAL ISO STANDARD First edition Rolling bearings — Damage and failures — Terms, characteristics and causes Roulements. Failure mode ISO Subsurface initiated fatigue. Is this normal Fatigue Failure, how many of you get to see a bearing actually fail. ribo lo gy, the Science fo r Maintenance. Fatigue on Inner Race. Ref.: ISO Rolling Bearings – Damages and Failures – Terms, Characteristics and Causes.

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Cracks usually appear at right angles to the direction of sliding see Figure Tool blows applied against hardened rolling bearing part.

The crack started from fatigue crack below the raceway surface. Countermeasure Check the application conditions regarding loading, alignment and shaft or housing deformation. Consideration of each feature is required for reliable determination of the cause isp bearing failure. This happens even if the intensity of the current is comparatively low.

Check out our FAQs. Running path pattern axially displaced and may, or may not, extend around the entire circumference.

Each member body interested in a subject for which a technical committee has been established has the right to be represented on that committee. Select appropriate radial internal clearance.


The flutes are equally spaced. Click here to sign up.

Inadequate radial internal clearance can cause similar damage. Select looser fit, if permissible. Countermeasure Store bearings in dry places with constant temperature and low humidity. Countermeasure If appropriate, select a bearing with higher axial load-carrying capacity.

ISO FALLA EN RODAMIENTOS | Edicson Leonardo Briceño –

Running path pattern varying in width, extending around the entire circumference of the raceway and eccentric to the raceway. Provide for spring preloading if suitable. If tests without external loads are carried out, follow running-in procedures. Smearing can also occur between rolling elements and raceways when the load is too light in relation to the speed of rotation.

The surfaces become dull to a degree, which varies according to the coarseness and nature of the abrasive particles see Figure 7.

BS ISO – Rolling bearings. Damage and failures. Terms, characteristics and causes

Countermeasure Improve the lubrication. Clean lubricating devices, e. Countermeasure Specify adequate fit with attention to load. The explanation can include a description of the failure, probable primary cause of the isl and comments.


This produces localized stress concentrations with the potential for cracking or flaking of the contact areas.

Oscillating loads and inadequate support of the outer ring contribute to this kind of failure. Proof sent to secretariat or FDIS ballot initiated: Select suitable lubricant viscosity, composition, additives.

In the following illustrations, typical running path patterns for the most common applications and bearing types are shown.

BS ISO 15243:2017

Countermeasure Counter vibrations by taking adequate design and insulation measures. Countermeasure Observe utmost cleanliness during mounting and service.

Countermeasure Check that the equipment is suitable for the bearing type. Check possible deformation of parts adjacent to the bearing. The bottoms of the grooves have a dark appearance.

Figure 8 — Smearing on Figure 9 — Smearing of Figure 10 — Smearing on ring raceway surfaces roller end end face ring is also fractured 5.