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Carlon Robbins PHILS Reading Response 12/05/10 Irigaray: “Plato’s Hystera,” from Speculum of the Other Woman The Belgian-French feminist. Speculum de l’autre femme (; Speculum of the Other Woman), which was highly From Irigaray held a research position at the Centre National de la . Luce Irigaray is a Belgian-born French feminist, philosopher, linguist, psycholinguist, psychoanalyst and cultural theorist. She is best known for her works Speculum of the Other Woman () and.

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Irigaray: “Plato’s Hystera,” from Speculum of the Other Woman | Carlon Robbins –

Jul 17, Catherine added it. Lacan believes that the element of fantasy and imagination involved in the identification with the mirror image marks the image as irigsray representative and misrepresentative of the infant. Irigaray views the “I” and the “you” as markers of subjectivity. Influenced Catherine MalabouMartha P. Click here to sign up.

This book, while over 3o years old, has not lost its relevance.

Speculum of the Other Woman

She’s not as imcomprehensible and pretentious as her mentor, but the book is loaded with a lot of intellectual glossolalia that the parrots will tell you is evidence of her great depth it’s not. While the body of the mirror stage is key to the infant’s identity, it is also only an woamn of his or her biological existence.

However, she also criticizes Derrida’s deconstruction of the category “woman” see Derrida’s Spurs in Marine Lover. Due to the force of the oppression of women, it is the definitions that have to be changed before women, as distinct from men, will attain a social existence.


Accessible compilation of Freud’s work. A Netzine of the Arts and Science, Vol.

A Feminist Critique of Dichotomy. According to Lacan, infants in the mirror stage do not differentiate between themselves and the world. Chiara rated it it was amazing Mar 23, May 04, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: For the profession of psychoanalysis, Irigaray believes, female sexuality has remained a “dark continent,” unfathomable and irigaary its nature can only be misunderstood by those who continue to regard irivaray in masculine terms.

Perhaps the most famous critical tool employed by Irigaray is mimesis.

Rather, she is employing her strategy of mimesis. While Irigaray is critical of Lacan, she is influenced by Lacan’s interpretation of Freud’s theory of subject formation. In she moved to Paris to pursue a master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Pariswhich she earned inshe also received a specialist diploma in Psychopathology from the school in Cornell University Press- Social Science – pages.

Trivia About Speculum of the O It will be of interest to feminists, psychoanalysts, philosophers, and literary critics.

One text in Irigaray’s series of elemental works. Her most extensive autobiographical statements thus far are gathered in Through Vegetal Being co-authored with Michael Marder. Skip to main content.

The Ecole Freudienne was founded by the famous psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. A radically subversive critique brings to the fore the masculine ideology implicit in spexulum theory and in Western discourse in general: Irigaray’s wager in utilizing mimesis with regard to female subjectivity is as follows. Irigaray argues that if Freud had turned the tools of analysis onto his own discourse, then he would have seen that female subjectivity cannot be understood through the lenses of a one-sex model.

For example, she discusses the myth of Demeter, the goddess of the earth agricultureand her daughter Persephone. Irigaray is, however, willing to provide material to help ignite the process of redefinition.


This text is a complex engagement with the history of philosophy and psychoanalytic theory. In this text, Irigaray intertwines essays of her own on the ethics of sexual difference with dialogues that she has created between herself and six male philosophers: Mimesis is a process of resubmitting women to stereotypical views specilum women in order to call the views themselves into question. Dimensions 6 x 9 in.

For Irigaray is not suggesting that the social role of women will change if they merely step over the line of nature into culture. Irigaray and the Sacrifice of the Sacrifice of Woman.

Speculum of the Other Woman: New Edition

Her own essay signals what themes she will address with regard to each of the philosophers ot discusses. Claire Colebrook – – Hypatia 12 1: Hence the concern over essentialism is itself grounded in the binary thinking that preserves a hierarchy of It mainly talks about how the female subject position has historically been excluded in philosophy and Freudian discourse because women have always been cast in the role of either nature or matter instead. Irigaray’s Re-Writing of the Philosophers.

However, this one is worth it. Addresses the relationship between men and women within the context of ot elements and the senses.