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The V S offset rating is tested. Temperature Figure 41B.

IR Datasheet (PDF Download) All 21 Pages – International Rectifier

Diagnostic Feedback Operational Amplifier Circuit www. Low Level Output Voltage Op. Propagation delays are matched to simplify use at high frequencies. Please refer to our Application Notes and DesignTips for proper circuit board layout.

Common Mode Rejection Ratio. Please refer to our Application Notes and DesignTips for proper circuit board layout. Turn-Off Fall Time vs. Datasheft Feedback Operational Amplifier Circuit www.


Maximum VS Dstasheet Offset vs. Operational Amplifier Output Voltage. A current trip function which terminates all six outputs is also derived from this resistor. High Side Floating Supply Voltage. Operational Amplifier Inverting Input Voltage.

V CC Undervoltage – vs. Low Level Output Voltage. A Offset Supply Leakage Current?

(PDF) IR2132 Datasheet download

Lead Temperature Soldering, 10 seconds. Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate sustained limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. Refer to Lead Assignments for correct pin configuration. Logic inputs for high ratasheet gate driver outputs HO1,2,3out of phase. Turn-On Rise Time vs. Operational Amplifier Output Low Short. Propagation datasheeg are matched. Tolerant to negative transient voltage. Symbol Definition Figure Min. The output drivers feature a high pulse current buffer stage designed for minimum driver cross-conduction.

Indicates over-current or undervoltage lockout low side has occurred, negative logic. Low Side Output Voltage. CA- Input Current vs. Floating channel designed for bootstrap operation? V B Boost Voltage V. A Lead PDIP ground-referenced operational amplifier provides analog feedback of bridge current via an external current sense resistor.


Additional information is shown in Figures 50 through The Thermal Resistance and Power Dissipation ratings are measured under board mounted and still air conditions. All voltage parameters are absolute voltages referenced to V S0.

Temperature IR 20 8. Undervoltage lockout for all channels.

IR Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Offset Supply Leakage Current vs. Gate drive supply range from 10 to 20V. Temperature 10 16 Figure 13B.