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Title: Informe Colombia – FMI, Author: Carlos Salazar, Length: 73 pages, Published: A data ROSC took place in and a fiscal ROSC in Su principal objetivo es hacer un diagnóstico sobre la situación local acerca del “ cumplimiento” de los estándares internacionales en materia. INFORME ROSC LINA ARDILA DARSI GUEVAR ¿QUE ES EL INFORME ROSC? 1. MARCO LEGAL: Requisitos jurídicos y legales del país.

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The Latin American trade partners are in turn exposed to shocks to the global economy, in particular in the U. The decline in TES prices triggered redemptions in money market funds, which must mark to market their holdings of TES, during June-August, raising concerns about liquidity risks for these entities.

Only about a third about 7 colokbia of the employed population about 21 million contributes to a pension regime, with 4.

In response, the authorities have begun working on a more robust and comprehensive liquidity regulation for these entities. A more comprehensive reform of the pension system will be required to broaden coverage and increase equity while maintaining the financial sustainability of the system.

Colombia is an interesting example of the interplay between legal changes and voluntary initiatives based on the incentive to attract capital. Colombian inflrme to Latin America account for about a quarter of total exports and colombiaa bulk of manufacturing exports. Starting from an estimated central government net public wealth of In the first scenario, faster U.

In these two scenarios, the higher cost of capital resulting from the increase in risk premium reduces investment and the capital stock, lowering potential output.

Calaméo – Informe Colombia – FMI

Over 50 percent of smaller-sized companies with less than 20 employees identified access to finance as a major constraint for their operations in Concentration of lending continues to expose banks to corporate credit risk. Issues are concentrated in highly-rated institutions, primarily banks and utility companies. Commercial loans to the largest 1, borrowers stood at 42 percent of total ina fifth of which went to the manufacturing sector, followed by commerce and construction.


Staff and the authorities agreed that, going forward, it will be important to continue implementing risk-based supervisory enhancements to enable the supervisor to tailor prudential norms to the risk profile of institutions especially systemic banks and conglomerates.

Headline inflation fell to 1. President Juan Manuel Santos in office since is running for a second infrme.

The solvency ratio of close to 15 inflrme is well above the regulatory minimum 9 percent and, since Augustit complies with the quality of capital required by Basel III. The revamping of the legal framework for PPPs approved in and the standardization of contracts are positive steps and careful monitoring including inform creation of contingent liabilities should help to contain fiscal risks. Federal Reserve, the currency depreciated significantly with no negative consequences for the economy or colommbia.

Staff reiterated that a key priority remains enhancing the independence and legal protection of supervisory staff with regard to the execution of their duties. On the financial front, the authorities are working on improving risk-based supervision and enhancing cross-border supervision, in line with Fund advice.

Informe Colombia – FMI

Liquidity is concentrated in short-term contracts. As a result, the share of manufacturing in percent of real GDP has declined from 14 percent at the end of to 11 percent in InColombia ranked out of countries according to the Global Competitiveness unforme on the quality of transport infrastructure. In turn, the yield curve steepened significantly. Fiscal performance was in line with the fiscal rule. The absence of accurate employment information hinders the effective targeting of social benefits to the vulnerable population.


Preserving Fiscal Sustainability Directors stressed the importance of continued prudent policies to safeguard macroeconomic and financial stability and sustained structural reforms to promote more inclusive growth. The reallocation of central government spending to provide targeted stimulus e.

Documentos e informes

As trust fund resources are not predictable for the purpose of the CPS, the WBG is ensuring that activities financed by trust funds follow the thrust of this strategy in agreement with the government counterparts. Directors noted that risks to external stability are mitigated by a stable source of financing of the current account deficit, an adequate level of international reserves, and the additional line of defense offered by the Flexible Credit Line arrangement.

Physical infrastructure has increased. Trade is rising, driven by commodity exports, and the economy is receiving substantial foreign direct investment. The balance of payments posted a significant surplus, largely driven by strong foreign direct investment, which financed the current account deficit and strengthened international reserves.

Trading volumes remained broadly stable, while bid-ask spreads increased slightly. The recent expansion of Colombian banks in Central America takes advantage of longterm business opportunities and diversifies some risks for financial conglomerates, although it poses challenges for regulators and the Central Bank. Over 65 percent of informal workers in were in full working age between 25 and 55 years old.

Similarly, the profit growth after was, on average, 7 percent lower for those industries that faced higher competition from Chinese imports.