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Indiscretion [Jude Morgan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . A deliciously entertaining novel of Austenesque love and misunderstanding. Indiscretion: A Novel, by Jude Morgan () From the desk of Katie P. Jane Austen. Georgette Heyer. The Regency. Those names instantly. Indiscretion by Jude Morgan – book cover, description, publication history.

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Which is not to say that they are all loveable and sweet but that one rather gets accustomed to their distinct qualities, irritating or otherwise. Those names instantly bring to mind witty conversations, saturnine heroes, and lavish ballrooms. Sure, she had her angry moments, and since she had a quick tongue and a varied cursing repertoire, she sometimes unleashed her frustration by saying things like: This is the kind of book that will become a inriscretion, forever analyzed and admired by readers.

Jul 11, Kelly rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this novel. Along the way she encounters an entertaining collection of characters right out of Regency Morgaj Casting but not a single duke, thank goodnessalthough the hero’s character is a unique creation, and he mmorgan positively scrumptious.

You have a few plot twists which were a big surprise for me. View all 63 comments.

INDISCRETION by Jude Morgan | Kirkus Reviews

Their virtues and their foibles both make complete sense, and their conversations are very entertaining. Of Love and Life: Because when we dislike someone we are always very ready to believe any ill of them” “who lives upon hope dies fasting, they say” And of course a romance ;- No, I should say romances because you have here a few of them.


Aug 23, Nicole rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Witty, charming, funny, sometimes indisscretion. The plot has a gentle pace, like Persuasionbut laced with a sense of imminence, of foreboding almost – this tension, this anticipation, gives it an added thrill which helps make up for a slight lack in the romance side. Be the first to discover new talent! Oh lordy, I love this book. I don’t mean to call the book a thriller; for me, though, jdue was a real pleaser.

What a charming book. The heroine is just the kind of character that I most enjoy. View all 3 comments.

Indiscretion: A Novel, by Jude Morgan – A Review | Austenprose – A Jane Austen Blog

Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. I ignore it when I choose, and it does likewise with me” Watch out! The ending was unsatisfactory to me: All flawlessly enough to pass muster?

She knows how to handle her dresses, her reticule, her fan, the complex rituals of a mannered society, etc.? The dialogues between those two are utterly brilliant. When a long-lost relative rescues Caroline from this battleground, she finds herself comfortably and securely situated among people who love her in the village of Huntingdonshire, where, you may have heard, “it is all just narrow provincial dullness.

This is supposed to be a comedy satire. Catling, amuses herself by threatening to disinherit her niece and nephew.


Who can resist a man opposed to marriage indiscreetion he is convinced the woman of his dreams does not exist? Caroline’s father was wounded in the Peninsular Wars and now dreams and schemes about reversing his misfortune. I just requested it at my public library.

You have only one option! Caroline is perhaps meant to be a worldly Mary Crawford type, but comes across more like one of the goodly heroines of novels like Evelinawhich Austen liked to mock.


All are recognisable from Austen’s novels, down to the romantic entanglements, but more in the style of Georgette Heyer than the original author, I’m afraid.

Several of my dear Goodreads friends loved inddiscretion book and I understand why. Dec 23, Ron Charles rated it liked it Indisfretion Circumstances cause Caroline to lose her position but some good fortune comes her way when her estranged maternal aunt and uncle take Caroline home to their country village.

Dec 03, Mo rated it it was amazing Shelves: Be as discrete or is it indiscrete? Indiscretion follows the fortunes of Caroline Fortune, daughter of a theatre-loving Captain whose foolhardy schemes and expensive tastes ensure that the pair are always one step away from financial ruin.

Surrounded by people with an alarming readiness to reveal each other’s confidences, Caroline is exasperated to find herself unjustly implicated in their indiscretions. Caroline herself is uncomfortable with the plan but makes the most of this introduction to polite society and soon her morgzn and intelligence attract the attentions of male admirers.

What a gem this has turned out to be! This ‘suitable’ position turns out to be that of a companion to a scheming, attention-seeking old dragon by the name of Mrs Caitling, who is very wealthy, often bored and indiscertion caustic.