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In June , journalist Pico Iyer wrote an essay in praise of the humble comma for Time magazine that for the first time made punctuation. Jennifer Rienzo ~ COMM ~ Online ActivityCritical Analysis of Pico Iyer s In Praise of the Humble Comma 1. Identify the thesis of Iyer s essay. Pico Iyer is giving punctuation more credit. Nobody realizes how important these simple marks actually are. Iyer says, “Punctuations are like.

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And no one scans a letter so closely as a lover, searching for its small print, straining to hear its nuances, its gasps, its sighs and hesitations, poring over the secret messages that lie in every cadence. His essay starts out and ends with the comma and commw the practice of essays like this, the title is based on those anecdotal coma and last paragraphs. A run-on sentence, its phrases piling up without division, is as unsightly as a sink piled high with dirty dishes.

I find Pico Iyer’s essay quite humorous and full of irony. The anarchy and commotion of the ’60s were given voice in priase exploding exclamation marks, riotous capital letters and Day-Glo italics of Tom Wolfe’s spray-paint prose.

As a reader I felt invited to read it from the very first line.

Why we need the comma more than ever before…

RWA Con ’11 1 Business: Yet what is so often used, and so rarely recalled, as the comma — unless it be breath itself? La minka de Tilcara” Did you know…? Like the humble comma. Personally, I consider his work amazing and full of imagination.

Punctuation marks are the road signs placed along the highway of our communication — to control speeds, provide directions and prevent head-on collisions. Expressing likes and dislikes 2 months ago.

Sometimes, we do not take into account the importance of punctuation. It has a jackboot rhythm. Many people think that it is a boring issue, or is not as essential as others writing features, but it really is.

A period has the unblinking finality of a red light; the comma is a flashing yellow light that asks us only to slow down; and the semicolon is a stop sign that tells us to ease gradually to a halt, before gradually starting up again. Which brings us back, in a way, to gods.


Where does the army go from here Mocking us citizens: The hot-blooded Spaniard seems to be revealed in the passion and urgency of his doubled exclamation points and question marks “Caramba! But if we lose these distinctions entirely, and then start to do away with semi-colons, parentheses and much else, I think we will lose all music, nuance and subtlety in our communication, and end up shouting at one another in block capitals. Comna wonder, then, that punctuation was one of the first proprieties of the Victorian age, the age of the corset, that the modernists threw off: Thhe allows us to catch our breath and head back into a text cool and calm and, quite literally, collected.

Oh, yes, and National Punctuation Day is September Go HERE to read it in its entirety. An unassuming hero on the threshold of greatness The stoop to conquest Strong leader, a brittle virtue?

In Praise of the Humble Comma

Also, pieces are usually titled not by the author but by the editor. Yet punctuation is something more than a culture’s birthmark; it scores the music in our minds, gets our thoughts moving to the rhythm of our hearts.

The author brilliantly approaches the importance of punctuation as it is necessary in our writings to give a natural flow, rhythm and order to express our ideas or statements.

Editing Copyright — Keira Soleore keirasoleore. Punctuation adjusts the tone and color and volume till the feeling comes into perfect focus: Anonymous 13 March at Popping in a comma can be like slipping on the necklace that gives an outfit quiet elegance, or like catching the sound of running water that complements, as it completes, the silence of a Japanese landscape. Punctuation, then, is a matter of care. Cummings first felt free to commit “God” to the lower case.

But the most enjoyable passages are especially the ones where the author uses imagery, comparisons and personifications as literary resources to state his ideas clearly and humorously.


Every day, at my desk, I spend most of my time taking out commas — or parentheses or dashes — or putting them in again to try to catch a certain rhythm, a tone of voice, a slant of light. Small, we claim, is beautiful especially in the age of the microchip. Because in love the smallest things matter desperately, which is why lovers pay such attention to the tiniest marks on the page.

Punctuation, then, is a civic prop, a pillar that holds society upright. Newer Post Older Post Home. RWA Con ’08 12 Business: Thus all these tiny scratches give us breadth and heft and depth.

Just drop in a mail at toiblogs timesinternet. Care for words, yes, but also, and more important, for what the words imply. Tuesday, February 15, at Pico Iyer set out to write a humorous piece about commas and other punctuation marks for a general audience. LaDi, thanks for visiting and commenting.

He has written extensively on social and cultural topics, besides trying his hand at fiction and translation. Punctuation thus becomes the signature of cultures. Where would all the fun go? In Junejournalist Pico Iyer wrote an essay in praise of the humble comma for Time magazine that for the first time made punctuation humorous, inviting, and fun for me.

Iyer wisely compares a period to a red light when the ending comes whereas commas are like yellow lights which flash asking us to slow down. Why does the author entitle his essay, “In Praise of the Humble comma” when most of the essay deals with punctuation in general?

Every child knows the menace of a dropped apostrophe the parent’s ‘Don’t do that’ shifting into the more slowly enunciated ‘Do not do that’and every believer, the ignominy of having his faith reduced to ‘faith’. Sometimes, of course, our markings may be simply a matter of aesthetics.

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