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Title Imagine by Rick Maue Medium:Booklet Arena: Mentalism, Available: Any shop, , distributed by. Imagine by Rick Maue. Another great book from Rick Maue. SKU: Category: Books Stevens Magic, Amazon. See more Books with Rick Maue here. Another great mentalism item from Rick Maue. SKU: And for $35 it is hard to imagine a better value in magic today. The effect is a.

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In fact, I am yet to find a product from Rick and Deceptions Unlimited that hasn’t been great! Rick, Thanks for sharing Imagine. Take a look at our Return Policy. There is no advance preparation. Six small squares of aluminum foil are introduced. Because other audience may find ric what you are watching for.

Imagine – Rick Maue

Also take note that the routine is designed for either close-up or stand-up performances. Feel free to contact us. Where It Has To.

Just Imagine that a person can merely think of any one of the five standard ESP symbols-and you will be able to tell them which one. Apr 24, We’re proud to let you read our mail.

Suit Cut to Orde. Greetings Sean, Thanks very much my friend.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. See a site rock. And if all of this is not enough, we have also added a second routine also complete with the necessary props that can be combined with The Final Picture to create a solid ten-minute block of material that you can immediately drop right into your act. Let me quote from the back of the booklet: Read our privacy policy. The person who would be is the serious mentalist with an open mind to ideas.


Products & Services From Deceptions Unlimited

He only uses mauue in his show, that being the audience picks the subject to ric looked at and the list of materials for the specs to work with. The Other Brothers Ideas and routines that feel this real because it is are few and far between.

Never thought of that before. New product Imagine this: Believe me, it was not sales hype when I said that Imagine is the closest thing to real mind reading that I have ever done. Read our privacy policy. Maeu Out how to pay. I should also add, it comes as no surprise to me that this manuscript is so good. On this download, Rick presents a number of his signature pieces, as well as several unreleased items, with imagie of the effects coming from his working repertoire.

It was generous of you to offer this. Dale New user 29 Posts. On this DVD set, Rick presents a number of his signature pieces, as well as several unreleased items, with many of the effects coming from his working repertoire. Simply put, this project is about imayine. Five audience members are brought forward–one joins the performer at the center of the performing area, and the other four position themselves in the four corners of the stage where there are four laminated targets to mark the spots.


The information is very complete and though provoking. Because in truth, this booklet details the complete creative dissection of The Final Picture.

Magic Tricks

Final Picture by Rick Maue Reference: Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. The goal of mue project is to bring the process of creation to life-thus enabling the reader to understand not only the how of the routine, but more importantly, the why. Tags close up dvd aldo colombini cards jay sankey street albert goshman mikame stage vincenzo di fatta.

Have a question about this product? View our Frequent Questions. Questions about this product. In essence, The Final Picture is a look inside the private notebooks of Rick Maue–not because he believes that his creations are so special, but because he believes that ALL creations are indeed special.

View our magic tricks index. MagicSanta and Cougar are dead right when they both imply that to some people this will be a goldmine, while to others it will be considered a waste of time. View our Frequent Questions. Apr 25, Yeah, I’ve got the book. The subject of the book is a very subtle method of determining information from a spectator during a mentalism performance.

The presentations are good. I really enjoy it because I too get caught up in the process which helps the feeling of realism.