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View and Download Igo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard owner’s manual online. Mobility California, Inc. declares that this XTBT01 is in compliance with the. XTBT • Company name: Think Outside, Inc. 85 Saratoga Ave. Suite Santa Clara, California USA. () IC Notice (Canada Only). I just stumbled across something while trying to connect my Samsung Galaxy S2 (the TMobile version) to an old iGo Stowaway Think Outside.

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By default the Secure box is checked in the driver and is the recommended method, as it provides the best security and reconnection. If several Stowaway keyboards happen to be nearby and in Discoverable Mode, the scan will display all of these devices in the list.

The three states of the battery are: I have tried this over and over.

Igo BlueTooth Keyboard [Archive] – – Talk

I can see that they haven’t shipped it, so I can cancel if someone will confirm that this one specifically doesn’t work with the N Truly Universal – works with almost any bluetooth enabled device.

I’m sure you guys will be fine. Tap “Scan” on the phone.

There’s a thread somewhere around here discussion the very thing. I have also noticed that the flashing green led stops flashing when the n is pairing. I guess, I’ve gotten so used to using the builtin stand that first thing I did is remove the keyboard’s stand because Iog had deemed xttb01 unnecessary: Only thing I’m not crazy about is how it prone to wobble side to side.


Page 26 Unsecured Mode Settings sections. Once it was paired, then I hit a couple keys on it to “bring up the connection” which takes a couple seconds, then it was functional.


Page 37 France Some areas of France have a restricted frequency band. Just use common sense and don’t hold the dryer too close or wait until you see smoke! The mobile device will scan for the Stowaway Keyboard. I recently bought a used SGS2 tmobile locally and it’s great, but is not running my keyboard now. It seems that the S2 kind of “auto-generates” a PIN for this keyboard and possibly other similar Bluetooth devices where you can input a PIN from the device? I have a feeling this forum will be very busy.

I might follow your suggestion.

iGo Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard XTBT01 Smartphone iPhone

But when the geniuses at Nokia this is sarcasm, BTW copied their efforts, they thought it would be fun to make it less useful, and it has remained crippled until ito. It works, and quite well. I think that maemo plugin was for OS To print the manual completely, please, download it.

The only place it was mentioned at all was on a barcode sticker stuck over the original barcode on the back. To stop interference, close the keyboard or remove its battery. The keycaps do come off easily enough at least mine dobut the problem is that merely switching Y and Z keys to give but one example is not enough by a long stretch.


Are you guys just leaving BlueTooth on all the time? Disabling the Stowaway Keyboard When the Stowaway keyboard is no longer needed, the keyboard driver may be disabled by xtbt011 the Disable button on the BT or Config page. Care should be taken when used around medical devices or equipment.

iGo Stowaway Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

Tap the keyboard icon once to display the Input Method Toolbar. I’ve done this as have several others. When I went to scan for Bluetooth ig on my S2 and chose connect to keyboard, it prompted me for a pin but didn’t give me an input box or onscreen keyboard.

The Apple keyboard is beautiful. The Connection is not set up message will then be displayed on the BT page.

I actually just paired a 2nd iGo here also. Here is how to pair it with a Note 3: