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Jean-Louis Michon was born in France and has a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from the Sorbonne. He practiced as an architect in Switzerland and traveled widely. Ibn ‘Ajiba, an 18th-century Moroccan saint in the Darqawi Sufi lineage, wrote his fahrasa or autobiography not for the pleasure of talking about himself, but “to. Esoteric Hermeneutic of Ibn ‘Ajiba. Faris Casewit. Abstract. In the Tafsīr (of Ibn Ajiba), an interesting parallel is drawn between the incredulous attitude of the.

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Defending the Socio-Cultural Space of Sufism. Trivia About The Autobiography And, yet for some, an account, a life, to which they can relate in some strange and ethereal manner – a life that brings together so much of the mundane, religious ajibz sublime.

The Fahrasa presents at once the everyday with the divine all at once. Books by Ahmad ibn Ajiba.

The Autobiography (Fahrasa) of a Moroccan Soufi: Ahmad ibn ‘Ajiba (1747 – 1809)

For people who worship saints ajiiba this book will show you a man. Refresh and try again. The exegesis of the esoterists can only be appreciated by esoterists: Really, It’s all in the vision of the beholder – what will you see? Ata A rated it it was amazing Apr 19, Kufr implicitly connotes the condition of stagnating in, or else completely denying the existence of, the path that leads out of the deep darkness es into the light s.


Books by Ahmad ibn Ajiba (Author of إيقاظ الهمم في شرح الحكم)

David Le faucheur rated it it was amazing Aug 09, His numerous metaphysical treatises, commentaries and his exegesis are crucial for gaining insight into North African Sufism in light of the laconic nature of the literature in this area [5].

When he reached the age of eighteen he left home and undertook the study of exoteric knowledge in Qasr al-Kabir under the supervision of Sidi Muhammad al-Susi al-Samlali. Abidah qjiba it as to-read Apr 19, When handling the latter concept, antecedent Sufi exegetes often moved to the level of the soul, stressing the correspondences between the unbelievers in the larger universe and the demons lurking within the inner world of the human soul.

Um Taqwa marked it ihn to-read Aug 11, And many of the elements that make up the semantic structure of kufr ajjba this transition without losing too much of their recognizable face value. Faheem Hussain rated it liked it Sep 28, European Science Foundation, The passage certainly has the power to shock consciences— even if the notion of hellfire is mitigated in that it is more of a spiritual state sjiba not a physical inferno.

There are no aiba topics on this book yet. University of California Press, Muhammad Salleh rated it it was amazing Aug 12, Morocco Portal Literature Portal.

He spent his entire life in and around Tetuan, and died of the plague in AH Ibn ‘Ajiba wrote his “fahrasa,” or autobiography, not ajina the pleasure of talking about himself but “to celebrate God’s kindness. This new English translatio Ibn ‘Ajiba wrote his “fahrasa,” or autobiography, not for the pleasure of talking about himself but “to celebrate God’s kindness.


Books by Ahmad ibn Ajiba

Dina Kaidir Elsouly marked it as to-read Apr 19, Kufr is, to be sure, associated with a whole host of negative ethical values but is not known, however, to be related in any specific way to apathy per se.

They were freed after having been ajibq to abjure their Sufism in theory and to desist, in practice, from its rituals. University of North Carolina Press, Ucu Saepurridwan marked it as to-read Jun 07, The particular esoteric exegesis that will emerge in this study is no doubt directly linked with the cardinal status the kufr occupies in the realm of Islamic ethics, and also with the heavy moral undertones which are an inevitable feature of most of the verses wherein kufr is couched.

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Some will see the humanity, and some will peer deep and feel the sprit. This Sufism-related article is a stub. Asif rated it it was amazing Dec 19,