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Lindheimer Globeberry, Balsamapple, Snake-Apple. Ibervillea lindheimeri (Gray) Greene. Whole plant. Family: Cucurbitaceae. Longevity: Perennial. Origin. leaf–is this leaf simple or compound? what kind of venation is present? leaf, tendrils (what habit must this plant be?), and fruit. Ibervillea lindheimeri (A. Gray) Greene Show All Show Tabs Lindheimer’s globeberry. Image of Ibervillea lindheimeri. General Information. Symbol: IBLI. Group.

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Up to 6 cm wide, palmately divided, deeply cleft into linear to filiform or coarsely toothed lobes, irregularly lobulate even in the same plant, upper face glabrous, lower face pustulate-hispid: The vine climbs feet high by means of tendrils.

August 18, Is the Balsam Gourd edible or poisonous? This Ibervillea is dioecious, there are male and female plants, and both are needed to get viable seeds.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – The University of Texas at Austin

Search More Titles in Bibliography. Gray See all synonyms of Ibervillea lindheimeri. In addition his name is used to designate forty-eight species and subspecies of plants. It is hardy to -7 degrees Celsius if kept dry. The leaves and small yellow flowers of the balsam-gourd vine are attractive, but the ornamental value of this plant lies in its inch, bright red, globular fruit.

Derivation of specific name: Plants even five to ten years old are extremely nice. Grows in a rich, very well drained, preferably stony and drained soil mix. Geophyte twining vine, the vine part is mostly annual and deciduous.


Keep the root in the shade, light shade to full sun for the vine. The flowers coming throughout most of the summer. August 27, Are lindheimeei the Gourds edible?

In he settled in New Braunfels, Texas, and lidnheimeri granted land on the banks of the Comal River, where he continued his plant collecting and attempted to establish a botanical garden.

Bloom Information Bloom Color: The dark green, lobed leaves are scattered along the branching stems, giving the vine a delicate appearance. Green stripes when young, but bright red when ripe. South central Texas in dry woods, thickets, and along fence lines.

Plant Database

It is very drought tolerant, water deeply but infrequently in summer. Ibervilleas are often grown in containers with the caudex exposed. Slender and branched up to 3 metres long, glabrous, finely striate. Back to Cucurbitaceae index. It doesn’t like a wet winter when the tuber is dormant after shedding its leavesbut will survive. Bibref – Texas Wildflowers: Gray Greene Maximowiczia lindheimeri A. Sand, loam, clay, limestone.

Keep the root in the shade, light shade to full sun for the vine. If not, what is stopping us from eating them?

Injured caudexs release the odour of horseradish.

Calyx tube mm long, and fruits mm wide. Search for native plants by scientific name, common name or family.

CAUDICIFORM Ibervillea lindheimeri

His house, on Comal Street in New Braunfels, is now a museum. Johnst Wrightia 2 6: It grows on, using its tendrils to climb over rocks and various woody shrubs and fences, especially allthorn Koeberlinia spinosa. Alternate, blades cm wide, thick, glabrous above and pustulate-glandular below; very variable on lindhfimeri, broadly cuneate, or rhombic-ovate, lindjeimeri 3- to 5-lobed, often wider than long, angled to irregularly and often deeply lobed palmately dissectedeach lobe, in turn, lobed.


Ibervollea is growing over Lindheimer is credited with the discovery of several hundred plant species. No need to clean pulp off, it will dry and disintegrate.

Indoors they are often grown in shallow pots, with a tuft of wining stems emerging from a bulbous stem that seems to erupt from the soil. The fruits are more noticeable than the flowers. When it drops its leaves protect from frost and stop watering. The gallery now contains thousands of pictures, however it is possible to do even more. It is similar and strictly related to Ibervillea lindheimeri. Common on Chihuahuan desert on heavier sands, clay, or caliche, in flat brushy ibwrvillea, edges linxheimeri thickets, open woods, rocky slopes and along canyon walls.

However warmth throughout the year will increase the grower’s success at temperatures from 5 to 10 degrees centigrade during rest season. Male flowers staminate yellow in racemes, tubular, to 8 mm long, hypanthium long and narrowly cylindric.

Gray Greene Erythea 3: Fruits ornamental, Attractive Use Wildlife: