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Members receive discounts on the IAAP CAP Exam and Study . Please contact IAAP at [email protected] if your online or emailed application Although IAAP makes every effort possible to ensure testing centers are available , we. Develop your course of study to prepare to sit for the CAP exam. IAAP credentialing staff, who can be contacted at [email protected] or . centers are located throughout North America and select international locations. Kryterion test centers – for those who do not require the use of AT or an for an exam, visit Apply to Take a Certification Exam.

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iaap-hq.org/certification Certification Policies & Procedures Handbook

Here are a few examples: Submitting a range of dates is not sufficient. A level of testing that emphasizes understanding, translation, interpretation, extrapolation, and communication of concepts, theories, and principles.

The National Motor Transportation More information. This may help to determine an individual s strengths and weaknesses should they retake a similar exam in the future.

Testing is administered through Assessment Systems. The reason points do not carrying over, is a certified professional should be continually remaining up-to-date on the profession via yearly education. Recertified at least one time 62 years of age or older Note: For Professional Development, the documentation should support each of the following: A globally recognized project management certification shows employers that you.

Shows your employer you are a valuable member of the team committed to cfrt development.


Professional Development Day

We now live and work in a. This type of training would not qualify for CAP recertification. Please review all materials before beginning to fill out the forms.

No special permission is necessary if applying within the grace period. The Body of Knowledge has seven domains, each with specific performance outcomes POworth a designated percentage of exam content.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. June Table of Contents 1. The four main components are: Continuing education offers the practicing CM professional. Juniper Ray 2 years ago Views: The IAAP CAP exam features relevant questions and a refreshed focus on the most current administrative skills and topics like project management and mobile technology.

Alternatively, every candidate could fail if the standard is not met. Builds invaluable personal and professional confidence.

In most cases, this is the Continuing Professional Education. Typically, the person serving in an Officer or Chair position is elected or appointed by the members. This information is sent to the approved candidate by and mail. BCAT certificants are required to recertify every fert years by: The same level of knowledge and skill is required to meet the pass point of regardless of the examination taken by the candidate.

A globally recognized project management certification shows employers that you More information. Past, Present and Future. Changing your IAAP membership status to Emeritus does not automatically exempt one from recertification.

On a criterion-referenced test, every candidate would pass if they meet the expected standard. This handbook supports the launch of the new certification iapa it should only be used for preparing to. Ha criterion-referenced tests it is possible for every person to pass the exam. The vision of the College is to be orgg professional association of choice for Canada s health leaders. Compelling Communication Communication Styles and Personality types Professional workplace communication strategies Communicate with influence Conflict resolution in the workplace 3.


Although this training is usually required in the healthcare industry, it is not education that directly supports the administrative profession in an office environment. These cases will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Individuals may reapply after six months and are required to pay all applicable fees.

Certification Policies & Procedures Handbook – PDF

Professional Development Industry-Specific Professional Development Leadership It is not necessary to earn points in every category, but it is mandatory to have at least exxmctrs of the 60 points in the Professional Development category. A globally-recognized credential Valued by practitioners and employers A recognized specific skill-set set Required to advance in Project Management positions in the exsmctrs Promoted More information.

Policies Applications The certification fee in place at the time the complete application is received will apply, regardless of postmark or any other circumstance. These are specialties and should not be referred to as a certification.